Bganba issues order to prepare a bill on accession to the UN Convention against Corruption

Valery Bganba (left) and Daur Kove

SUKHUM -- A bill which the acting president of Abkhazia asked to be drafted will be submitted to Abkhazia’s parliament in the very near future.

The acting president of Abkhazia, Prime Minister Valery Bganba, has instructed the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Daur Kove, to draft a bill on the republic’s accession to the UN Convention against Corruption, the cabinet’s website said in a statement .

"The law “On international treaties of the Republic of Abkhazia" provides for the possibility and regulates the procedure for unilateral accession to international agreements, conventions and other similar documents," said Kove.

In Bganba’s words, not only individual articles, but the entire international anti-corruption document is aimed at developing democratic institutions and ethical values and contributes to sustainable development and the rule of law in a country that has acceded to the Convention.

He noted the importance of the article on the responsibility of legal entities, of the article on the prevention of corruption in the private sector and strengthening accounting and audit standards in the private sector, of the article on the honesty and integrity of judges, members of the judiciary, [and] prosecutors, [and] of the articles regulating the participation of civil society and non-governmental organisations in the prevention of corruption and the fight against it.

The bill drafted by the Foreign Ministry will be sent by the acting president to the Parliament of Abkhazia in the immediate future.

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