After repeated tests: the first patient with COVID-19 in Abkhazia will be prepared for discharge

Abkhazia Coronavirus Patient

SUKHUM -- The first case of coronavirus-infection in Abkhazia was recorded on 7 April. The patient is being treated in the central regional hospital of Gudauta.

Negative tests are being diagnosed for the first patient with coronavirus, and, after repeated investigations, he will be made ready for discharge. Such was the information given at a session of the Security Council of the Republic on Friday by Tamaz Tsakhnakia, Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Abkhazia.

In Abkhazia, three cases of infection with coronavirus have been recorded. Two patients are undergoing treatment at the Gudauta hospital; one patient refused to be hospitalised and is under the supervision of medics in self-isolation.

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"The treatment of patients is carried out in accordance with WHO instructions, and the situation is stable, with positive dynamics," said Tsakhnakia.

The minister also emphasised that at this stage all measures are being taken efficiently, in accordance with approved instructions and the orders of the Acting President.


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