The isolation of an apartment-building in Gagra can be removed within a week

Gagra, Abkhazia

All three cases are in Gagra

SUKHUM -- A nine-story building on Gagra's Street of the Abazgians was cordoned off by law-enforcement officers after coronavirus was confirmed in one of the residents.

The isolation of the apartment-building in Gagra will be removed within five to seven days — Raul Lolua, Coordinator of the Coordination Headquarters for the Protection of the Population from Coronavirus-infection, said.

“Within 5-7 days, restrictions will be lifted from the quarantined building in Gagra. We had to go through 15 days of self-restraint, but all that will end soon. The situation there is improving; however, a 95-year-old woman still remains in the building (the third case of coronavirus - note), for whom special care will be provided," Lolua noted. 

On 7 April, a nine-story building on Gagra’s Street of the Abazgians was cordoned off by law-enforcement officers after doctors diagnosed coronavirus-infection in one of the residents and hospitalised him in the Gudauta hospital. Later, his wife, who was also diagnosed with Covid-19, was taken to the Gudauta District Hospital for Infectious Diseases.

On 11 April, it became known that a 95-year-old woman who lives off the same stairwell as the first two cases became infected with coronavirus-infection. The pensioner refused hospitalisation and is currently at home.

The control-centre for the fight against coronavirus reported on Friday 17 April that the first patient with coronavirus underwent re-testing for the disease, that the result proved negative, and that his discharge is planned for the next few days. The condition of the two other cases is free of negative dynamics.

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