Beslan Butba met with Sergey Bagapsh, congratulated him on winning elections

SUKHUM -- Today the leader of the Economic Development Party, a presidential candidate Beslan Butba has met with the President of Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh in the head of the state’s Administration and congratulated him on winning the elections.

Addressing Sergey Bagapsh, Beslan Butba said: “The international recognition of Abkhazia and its safe development is the most important thing for me. I congratulate you on this victory and hope that our country will be developing with dignity, despite difficulties”.

Sergey Bagapsh expressed gratitude to Beslan Butba for congratulations.

The President mentioned that “the most important part of the history is that the elections were of a democratic character, and that all candidates, certainly, want the country to be prosperous”.

“There are serious proposals for the country’s development in each of the election programs and we are ready to consider these proposals in order to work for the good of Abkhazia together”, the President Elect of Abkhazia declared.

“I think we’ll have a working meeting after a time to discuss working questions. I’m sure that now traditions are being established in our country as I’m convinced that the authorities will communicate and consult with the opposition on the important problems of the country’s life”, B. Butba told journalists after the meeting with the elected President of Abkhazia.

“We understand clearly what difficulties the President of the country has, we understand how many problems there are in the republic. Let’s hope he’ll manage to solve at least a part of those problems for these five years”, Beslan Butba stressed.

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