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Viacheslav Chirikba received EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus Herbert Salber
Abkhazia’s first state news-agency is 20 years-old
Most Abkhaz citizens believe that the state should raise population growth by demographic
Presentation of the first phase 'The Strategy of Socio-Economic Development of Abkhazia 2025'
Government to provide Abkhazia's fund for the War-Disabled with support
It's proposed to call 2015 - 'The year of Vladislav Ardzinba'
Despite pressure from Georgia, Abkhazia continues to participate in the exhibition
Beslan Barateliya appointed to a post of the Chairman of the National Bank of Abkhazia
Sergey Shamba back in politics
The candidacy of Beslan Barateliya presented to the post of Chairman of the National Bank of the Republic of Abkhazia
The State off-budget fund of disabled of the 1992-93 war, restores the Council of the fund
New Discoveries in Anakopia Fortress
Project 'e-Government' presented in Sukhum
The Council of Elders of Abkhazia considers that it is necessary to study 'Apsuara' in schools and universities
Viacheslav Chirikba attended an international conference in Rome
The solution of the problems of children with disabilities must go from the state level
Proposal made to change situations on roads
The Commission for Citizenship approved 58 applications
The National Museum of Military Glory in Sukhum is opened after an overhaul
'Aruaa' set to choose a new chairman
Abkhazia Commemorates the 22nd Anniversary of Lata Tragedy
Abkhazia's Parliament discusses working group's proposals on judicial reform
30th round of the Geneva International Discussions on Security and Stability in Transcaucasia
A Rally in Memory of the Late Tragedy will be held in Lata
Sputnik Launches Website, Radio Broadcasting in Abkhazia
The remains of missing at the War of the Abkhazia Gia Emurkhba and Chichiko Gorzoliya are identified
The implementation of the project of UNICEF in Abkhazia can be extended
The Healthcare of Abkhazia is about to introduce the Unified Electronic Data in 2015
Raul Khajimba met with representatives of three international organizations
Abkhazia says EU visa policy discriminates against its citizens



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