Ο Σταλιν κι ο Χασιμ (1901-1902) - Stalin and Hashim (1901–1902)

Stalin and Hashim (1901–1902 years). in GreekΟ Σταλιν κι ο Χασιμ (1901-1902)  Stalin and Hashim (1901–1902 years) Some episodes from Batum underground. With the introduction by Nestor Lakoba. 
Editor: N.Delaveri. Translated by M.Tranta. 
Year: 1936
Publisher: Abkhazian Party Publishing House - Abgiz
Place of Publication: Sukhum 
Number of pages: 50
Language: Greek 

Ο Στάλιν κι ο Χασίμ (1901—1902). Μερικὰ ἐπισόδια ἀπ᾽τιν παρανόμια τυ Βατύμ. Με προλογο τυ Ν.Λάκοπα. Συχυμ, ἐκδόσι τυ Κιβερν. ἐκδοτίκυ τισ Ἀπχαζίας, 1936. 49 с. с илл.,: порт. Парал. тит. л. на руск. яз.: Сталин и Ка[сим] 1901—1902.

"Stalin and Hashim (1901–1902 years). Some episodes from Batum underground." With the introduction by N[estor].Lakoba. /Translated by M.Tranta. Ed. N.Delaveri, tech. ed. Pishchik. Sukhum: "Abgiz", 1936. —50 p. (pagination is somewhere broken). Number of exemplars: 2100.

Originally this books was published in Russian in Sukhum in 1934 (available here), with same anonymous illustrations and unauthorised main text.

The full publication in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (134 MB)

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