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Why is this site necessary?

Abkhazia remains for much of the world either a thoroughly unknown or, at best, poorly known country.

Many of those who have heard about it have done so through the prism of information (or, as it often is, misinformation) available on websites organised by Georgians or those sympathetic to the Georgian cause.

There are very few sites offering an accurate view of Abkhazia, Abkhazians, their problems and aspirations. Where such information is available, it is often not in English, the main language of the Internet.

It is hoped that this website will serve as one corrective to the above.

This site’s fundamental goals are the following:

  • to generate an informational resource, especially for the benefit of non-Abkhazians who wish to learn more about the heritage, culture, and history of the Abkhazian people;
  • to strengthen Abkhazian national identity and consciousness through such informational resources about Abkhazian history, language and culture;
  • to support and work with other organizations to encourage and support professional work in these spheres;
  • to be a forum for Abkhazians to voice their opinions and to make their desires known to an international readership concerned with the maintenance of human and minority rights in the Caucasus;
  • to enable Abkhazians, their supporters and any other competent individuals to address and counter the huge amount of false information purveyed across a wide range of media-outlets by those who do not have the best interests of Abkhazia and its peoples at heart.

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