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Dmitry Marshan: "The issue of citizenship directly affects our security"
The 1988 'Abkhaz Letter': A Turning Point in the Quest for Independence
Abkhazia Prepares for 61st Round of Geneva Discussions
Sukhum Airport: Dreams and Doubts, by Vitaly Sharia
Abkhazia’s Foreign Ministry: The Sovereignty of Abkhazia is Non-Negotiable
Sergey Shamba: Abkhazia's Goal is Clear - Build and Strengthen Our State
21 May 1864-2024: 160 Years After the Russo-Caucasian War
Yandex Begins Integration of Abkhaz Language into Translator Service
160th Anniversary of the End of the Russo-Caucasian War
Round Table on Demographic Issues Held in Sukhum
Viticulture Training Workshops Held in Sukhum
Speleologists Discover Deep-Sea Cave in Abkhazia’s Blue Lake
Kakha Muradov Suspected of High Treason in Favour of Georgia
The Leader of the Nation and Father of Victory: Memories of Vladislav Ardzinba
Foreign Minister Inal Ardzinba Relieved of Duty
Akhra Bzhania on Civil Liberties and the Controversial Foreign Agents Law
Lasha Zukhba: "I Stand in Solidarity with the Protesters in Tbilisi"
Distinguished Scholar Mirra Khotilashvili Inal-Ipa, has passed away at the age of 95
Sukhum Airport Set for First Test Flight in June
Abkhazia's Energy Sector: Progress and Challenges Detailed by Minister Nanba
Over 600 Crypto Mining Devices Seized in Abkhazia Since Start of 2024
'Academia' Publishing Releases Landmark Series on Abkhaz Nart Epic
Veterans' Group 'Aruaa' Issues Strong Rebuke to President Bzhania Following TV Interview
MGIMO Branch School to Open at Abkhazian State University
Abkhazian Parliament Rejects Stricter Defamation Penalties
From 1919 to Now: The 105th Anniversary of 'Apsny,' Abkhazia’s First Newspaper
Defamation Law Amendments Not Endorsed by Abkhazian Committee
Debating Defamation: Abkhazia's New Bill Proposes Harsher Penalties
Over 600 Animals Sterilised in Free Campaign in Gagra
Parliamentary Committee on Legal Policy Rejects Defamation Bill
Debate Intensifies Over Defamation Law Amendments in Abkhazian Parliament
Renowned Abkhazian Linguist Saria Amichba Passes Away at 89
Gagra Hosts Animal Sterilisation Initiative Supported by Brigitte Bardot Foundation
President Bzhania Rejects Parliamentary Amendments to 2024 Budget
Inar Gitsba Announces Early Resignation from Abkhazian Parliament
Messages of Sympathy: Abkhazia Responds to Crocus City Hall Terror Attack
The March Offensive: A Solemn Tribute to the Fallen of the 1992-93 War
UNDP and MFA Abkhazia Exchange Statements on Resilience Programme
Abkhazia Retains Partly Free Status in Latest Freedom House Report
Abkhazia's "Foreign Agents" Bill Stirs Memories of Historical Repressions
Abkhazian Civil Groups Seek Open Dialogue on Key Issues on Abkhaz State TV
Activist Dzhansukh Adleyba Calls on President to Answer Public Questions
"How Can We Allow One Abkhaz to Label Another Abkhaz?" By Vitaly Sharia
President Bzhania Accused of Constitutional Breach with "Foreign Agents" Draft Law
Mussa Ekzekov Acquires Ten Works by Alexander Chachba-Shervashidze at Auction
Leuan Mikaa Condemns Bzhania's NKVD-Style Tactics Against Opponents
Prominent Figures Condemn Border Detentions, Point Finger at President
The Sputnik Sham: How Propaganda Undermines Abkhazian NGOs
The Abkhazian opposition has labelled the president as "essentially a foreign agent."
Milana Tsvizhba: Abkhazia Shuts Doors to Those Questioning Sovereignty



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