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War in the Caucasus? by Richard Clogg (1992)
Mediators for Transcaucasia's Conflicts, by Elizabeth Fuller (1993)
How nations united: Formation of the Confederation of Caucasian Peoples
The conflict in and over Abkhazia, by Sergey Markedonov
Heeding the Call of the Heart: Volunteers in the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia
A woman with a Kalashnikov assault-rifle: the story of Rita Zongurova
Bodzhgua on Gena Kardanov: a real tough guy
The capture of Sukhum: the main battles for the liberation of the capital
Abkhazia 1989-2019, by George Hewitt
After 30 years Georgians still refuse to acknowledge their own responsibility for the conflict
Caucasus Women and Conflict Prevention, by Natella Akaba
Lord Ennals: Georgian troops guilty of atrocities | November 1992
25 years later, Abkhazia remains haunted by the missing, by Kieran Pender
Colonel Robert Hamilton on Abkhazia (again): A Reply (again) from George Hewitt
‘The Land of the Golden Fleece’: Conflict and Heritage in Abkhazia by Eleni Sideri
The history of the region became ashes: An excerpt from Neal Ascherson’s ‘Black Sea’
‘Incinerated in the Flames of War’
English transcript of Vladislav Ardzinba's speech | The 1st Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR | 1989
Abkhazian impressions, by Uwe Klussmann
The Disappearance of Taif Adzhba and the Amnesty International Report of 1993



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