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Abkhazia 1989-2019, by George Hewitt
After 30 years Georgians still refuse to acknowledge their own responsibility for the conflict
Caucasus Women and Conflict Prevention, by Natella Akaba
Lord Ennals: Georgian troops guilty of atrocities | November 1992
25 years later, Abkhazia remains haunted by the missing, by Kieran Pender
Colonel Robert Hamilton on Abkhazia (again): A Reply (again) from George Hewitt
‘The Land of the Golden Fleece’: Conflict and Heritage in Abkhazia by Eleni Sideri
The history of the region became ashes: An excerpt from Neal Ascherson’s ‘Black Sea’
‘Incinerated in the Flames of War’
English transcript of Vladislav Ardzinba's speech | The 1st Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR | 1989
Abkhazian impressions, by Uwe Klussmann
The Disappearance of Taif Adzhba and the Amnesty International Report of 1993
On the 20th anniversary of the start of Georgia’s war against Abkhazia, by Stanislav Lakoba
EU's role in conflict resolution: Georgian and Abkhaz perspectives | Conciliation Resources
International Alert | Mediation and Dialogue in the South Caucasus: A Reflection on 15 Years of Conflict Transformation Initiatives
The Lessons of August (2008), by Natella Akaba
Russia's involvement in the Five-day war as an act of humanitarian intervention, by Inal Sanakoev
The view from Abkhazia of South Ossetia ablaze, by Paula Garb
Georgian policy on Abkhazia: strategy or tactic? By Liana Kvarchelia
Wikileaks, South Ossetia and the Russian "reset", by Hans Mouritzen



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