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State Orchestra of Folk Instruments performed at Abkhaz State Philharmonic

22 March, 2023

SUKHUM / AQW'A ― On Wednesday, March 22, the State Orchestra of Folk Instruments, named after Otar Khuntsaria, held a concert at the Abkhaz State Philharmonic, named after Razhden Gumba.

On March 21st, Adyghea celebrates the Circassian New Year in accordance with ancient customs.

The Circassian New Year: Celebrating Renewal and Fertility

21 March, 2023

MAYKOP / ADYGHEA  ― The ancient Circassians (Adyghes) always lived in harmony with nature, and many of their traditions and holidays are connected to it. One of the most important...

Abkhaz Youth Theater performance 'After Sunset,' directed by Esma Dzhenia.

Cultural Events in Abkhazia: A Weeklong Celebration from March 20th to 26th

19 March, 2023

SUKHUM / AQW'A ― Abkhazia is set to host an exciting cultural week from March 20th to 26th, featuring a variety of events such as theatrical performances, philharmonic and pop concerts...

The work also analyses the ethnonyms, toponyms and hydronyms of mediaeval Abkhazia and the coastal Circassia.

Abkhazia and Italian city-states of the XIII-XV centuries, by Viacheslav Chirikba

19 March, 2023

Абхазия и итальянские города-государства (XIII–XV вв.) (Abkhazia and Italian city-states of the XIII-XV centuries)Author: Viacheslav Chirikba Year: 2020Place of Publication: St. PetersburgPublished by: AletheiaNumber of pages: 212Language: Russian 

Viacheslav Chirikba's Hypothesis on da Vinci's Mother Confirmed by Italian Archives

The Mystery of Caterina. Who Was the Mother of Leonardo da Vinci? by Viacheslav Chirikba

19 March, 2023

Загадка Катерины. Кем была мать Леонардо Да Винчи? (The Mystery of Caterina. Who Was the Mother of Leonardo da Vinci?)Author: Viacheslav Chirikba Year: 2018Place of Publication: St. PetersburgPublished by: PiterNumber of...

Buried alive: What Happened in the Village of Yered, South Ossetia on March 18, 1991

18 March, 2023

On March 18, 1991, Georgian militants stopped a truck carrying 25 Ossetian civilians near the village of Yered in the Tskhinval region of South Ossetia. After being beaten and abused...



The Ibero-Caucasian hypothesis and the historiography of Abkhazia, by Kevin Tuite

04 June, 2022

The Rise and Fall and Revival of the Ibero-Caucasian HypothesisHistoriographia Linguistica Vol. 35:1/2 (2008), pp. 23–82 Kevin Tuite Professor of Anthropology at the Université de Montréal 8. The Ibero-Caucasian hypothesis and the historiography of Abkhazia (pp.53-65)8.1 P’avle Ingoroq’va, Giorgi Merčule, and the...


Andrei Sakharov on the relationship between Abkhazia and Georgia

24 February, 2022

In 1989 at the start of the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict the late Academician Andrei Sakharov in one of his last articles called Georgia a ‘mini-empire’ (Ogonёk 1989, 31). Later, describing the relationship between Abkhazia and Georgia, he wrote: "I tend to justify...


Nationalism, politics, and the practice of archaeology in the Caucasus

Nationalism, politics, and the practice of archaeology in the Caucasus, by Philip Kohl and Gocha Tsetskhladze

26 April, 2020

Nationalism, politics, and the practice of archaeology, edited by Philip L. Kohl and Clare Fawcett Cambridge University Press 1995 Nationalism, politics, and the practice of archaeology in the Caucasus (Part III Eastern Europe and Eurasia) pp. 149-174 By Philip L. Kohl and Gocha R...


Old Parliament Building, Sukhum

Abkhazia: a problem of identity and ownership, by George B. Hewitt - Central Asian Survey

21 October, 2008

Abkhazia: a problem of identity and ownership  History and Documents Central Asian Survey, vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 267–323, 1993 by George B. Hewitt The Abkhazians living in Turkey have preserved very well the customs, language and dances  carried  there  from  Abkhazia  by  their ...


Lapinski: Abkhaz people are the last in the Caucasus who still put up resistance to the Muscovites

23 May, 2020

In June 1861, on the initiative of the Ubykhs, a 'mejlis' (parliament) was constituted not far from Sochi; it was known as 'The Great and Free Assembly'. The Ubykhs, the Circassian Shapsughs and Abadzekhs/Abzakhs, and the Abkhazian tribes of Ahchypsy...

Confederation of Mountain Peoples of the Caucasus.

How nations united: Formation of the Confederation of Caucasian Peoples

28 February, 2020

Everyone who is somehow familiar with the history of the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia could not help but hear about the Assembly of Mountain Peoples of the Caucasus, which was soon renamed the Confederation. This is no...

Abkhazia Resettlement Construction 1941

Resettlement to Abkhazia

14 February, 2020

After most of Abkhazia’s indigenous Abkhazians were expelled to Ottoman lands firstly at the end of the Russian-Caucasian War (1864) and then following the Russo-Turkish War (1877-78), their vacated lands immediately started to attract colonisation from such diverse incomers as:...

Abkhazians who took part in the 1866 Lykhny uprising. Photo by D. I. Yermakov (1867)

Thirty years of "guilt" (1877-1907), by Stanislav Lakoba

14 March, 2013

Reflections on Abkhazia: [14 August] 1992-2012 Immediately after the Caucasian War (21 May 1864), in June 1864 the independent princedom of Abkhazia was abolished, and the sovereign prince Mikhail Shervashidze (Chachba) was subjected to political repression; in 1866, he died in...

Editors' Picks

A group of Abkhazians (1903)

Abkhazia and the Abkhazians (1903) | Photos by Joseph de Baye

25 March, 2021

Joseph de Baye (1853-1931), French archaeologist and traveller. Baron Joseph de Baye (French) was initially a keen amateur archaeologist. At the turn of the twentieth century, the Ministry of Public Instruction sent him on a mission to collect pottery in...

Photos by Bernard Bisson | The 'Action Against Hunger' NGO in Abkhazia.

The Blockade of Abkhazia

20 July, 2020

How Easily One Forgets... Contrast the following with the widely held misconception that Abkhazia's problem with Georgia resulted from its being a mere puppet of the Kremlin's 'anti-Georgian' politics? Most of the 1990s, especially when Shevardnadze-protegé Andrei Kozyrev served as Boris...

Musa Shanibov

Obituary | A Hero of His Times: Yuri/Musa Shanibov, 1936-2020, by Georgi Derluguian

28 April, 2020

Yuri Magomedovich Shanibov lived a rich (Soviet) biography that fully reflected the changing historical epochs. Back in 1997 the world-famous French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu felt so intrigued by the photo of the distinguished-looking Shanibov, always in his Caucasian sheepskin papakha hat —...

Ajika | Adjika Abkhazian Chilli hot paste

Pepper and Stone: how to 'produce' Abkhazian ajika

04 February, 2018

The secrets of the ancient method of preparing the Abkhazian national seasoning known as ajika [adjika or adzhika; Abkhaz: аџьыка] and the transformation of hot pepper and spices on stone into a unique, fragrant and piquant ‘masterpiece’ were revealed to a correspondent...



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