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Black Sea, by Neal Ascherson
Ajalugu, Sõda, Ajaloosõda. Abhaasia-Gruusia Vastuolud Ja Nende Tõlgendused - Aivar Jürgenson
Август Мартин и эстонские материалы о событиях в. Абхазии (1917–1921 гг.) - Станислав Лакоба
Encore sur l'oubykh d'Evliyā Čelebi, by Elio Provasi
Aproximaciones al estatus jurídico en derecho internacional público de las provincias separatistas de Abjasia y Osetia del Sur ante la guerra de Osetia de 2008
A North Caucasian Etymological Dictionary, by Sergei Starostin (Ed.)
L’oubykh d’Evliya Çelebi, by Georges Dumézil
Studies in West Circassian phonology and morphology, by Rieks Smeets
The Trans-Caucasian campaign of the Turkish army under Omer Pasha; a personal narrative, by Laurence Oliphant
Patriots and filibusters or Incidents of political and exploratory travel, by Laurence Oliphant
Language Aspects of Ethnic Patterns and Processes in the North Caucasus, by Ronald Wixman
Trois récits oubykhs, by Georges Dumézil
Russia and the Negro: Blacks in Russian History and Thought, by Allison Blakely
Tschik: Geschichten aus dem Kaukasus
Sandro of Chegem, by Fazil Iskander
Kafkasya'nın Ticaret Tarihi (The History of Trade in the Caucasus), by Ahmet Canbek
Caucasia and the Caucasus, by A. Gugushvili (1943)
Peoples and Languages of the Caucasus. A Synopsis (1959)
Abkhazia—Documents and Materials (1917–1921)
Abkhazia and the Caucasian War: 1810-1864, by George Anchabadze
The Caucasus and its people, by Louis Moser
Arrian's Voyage round the Euxine Sea
Nation-building in the Post-Soviet Borderlands | The Politics of National Identities
Byzantinochazarika, by George Huxley
An Annotated Bibliography of Periodical Literature Obtained in Abkhazia 6—11 June 2008
The Cwyzhy dialect of Abkhaz, by Bert Vaux and Zihni Pesiypa
Principal Stages of Ethnical Development of the Georgian Nation from Ancient Times of the Phase of Nation Formation, by George Anchabadze
The Northwest Caucasian Languages, by Peter Arkadiev & Yury Lander
Abaza/Abazinians in Kabarda: Documents, materials, research
Abkhazia: Documents Bear Witness 1937-1953 Collection of Materials
The Great Terror in Abkhazia (Abkhaz ASSR, 1937 - 1938) Vol. I - II - III
Amshapy - Abkhaz Easter: organizing culture practice and its archaic roots, by Valery Bigua
Sukhum-Kale, basic information and its possible future | Сухум-Кале, его данные и возможная будущность. 1895
We went to die in order to live [Мы шли на смерть, чтобы жить)
The Policy of Ethnic Enclosure: A Study of the Role of Language in Ethnic Rivalries in the Caucasus, by Vladimir Rouvinski
Abkhaz Studies, by Arie Spruit
Studies of Abkhaz Loanword (Abchasische Lehnwortstudien)
Selected works of Nicholas Marr
Ethnological results of a linguistic excursion in Abkhazia [Изъ лингвистической поѣздки въ Абхазiю] by N. Ya. Marr
Tales and legends of the Ubykhs [Contes et Legendes des Oubykhs] by Georges Dumézil
Ossetian Grammar [Ossetische Sprachlehre: Nebst Einer Abhandlung Über Das Mingrelische, Suanische Und Abchasische], by Georg Rosen
The Caucasus [Le Caucase] by Florence Craufurd Grove (1899)
History of the War and Dominance of the Russians in the Caucasus, by Nikolai Fedorovich Dubrovin
Note on the talk of the Abazas of Anatolia [Note sur le parler des Abazas D'Anatolie], by Georges Dumezil
In Abkhazia: Memories of a mission [En Abkhasie: Souvenirs d'une mission] by Joseph de Baye
Excursion to Samurzakan and Abkhazia [Excursion au Samourzakan et en Abkasie], by Carla Serena
The Travels of Sir John Mandeville: The version of the Cotton Manuscript in modern spelling
Essays on eastern questions: The Abkhasian insurrection, by William G. Palgrave
Abkhazian Stories, by Michael Lackerbye
The Architecture of Sukhum at the turn of the XIX-XXth centuries, by Anzor Agumaa



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