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The Eden of the Caucasus | Colonial Politics, 20 July 1899, p.2
The struggle of the Caucasian peoples for independence, by Andre Gugushvili (1951)
A Letter from Sukhum, Abkhazia | Fairhope Courier, 12 March 1936
The intractable problem of the Abkhazians: 'Guests' on their own territory
From Lord Curzon, Foreign Secretary, to General Officer in Command (1919)
Correspondence between Abkhazia and UNPO (Linnart Mäll Archive)
North Caucasian Republics Discuss Abkhazia
Mr Palgrave in the Dismal Swamp | The Pall Mall Gazette, 1867
"Soukhoum [Sukhum] Kaleh" The Graphic: An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper (London, England) May 26, 1877
Murder Thy Neighbour, by Vitalii Sharia (The Guardian, 1993)
Imagine a newly independent Wales with all links to the outside world cut off and UN peacekeepers guarding the border. Now you can picture Abkhazia, by Neal Ascherson (1998)
Selected FBIS Reports on Chechnya, Abkhazia & the Chechen War
Report by Mr. Consul Gifford Palgrave on the Port and District of Soukhoum-Kale, for the Years 1865-1866
Ten Shot for Conspiracy Against Stalin | Western Mail - November 10, 1937.
Lord David Ennals: Georgian troops guilty of atrocities - November 1992
Twenty Soviet Leaders Shot: Plot Against Stalin Alleged | Leeds Mercury - 10 November 1937
Red Flag Apes: Unwitting Lives in Soviet Monkey Farm | Aberdeen Press - 15 October 1928
The Russian Demand for Batoum | Pall Mall Gazette - 28 June 1878
A report from Abkhazia [Abchasia]: Reading Mercury - 07 December 1839
Why They Live to Be 100, Or Even Older, in Abkhasia, by Sula Benet (1971)
The Russo - Turkish War: The Revolt in Transcaucasia - Coventry Times (29 Aug 1877)
Chicago Daily Tribune, 1937: 'Russia Executes 10 For Plotting Stalin Murder'
There'll Always Be an Abkhasia - The New York Times, 1971
Newspaper archives: 1992-93 War
Travels in Circassia – Part II - Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine: July-December, 1856
Circassia-The Vixen - Freeman's Journal - Friday 24 March 1837
Abkhasian Mountaineers - The Graphic (London, England), September 8, 1877
Skin Color Creates No Barrier To Africans In The Soviet Union - (Afro-American 1973, - Part 3)
Many Africans Came To The Soviet Union During Turkish Rule (Afro-American 1973, - Part 2)
When Did Africans Get To Soviet Union? (Part - 1)



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