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Murder Thy Neighbour, by Vitalii Sharia (The Guardian, 1993)
Imagine a newly independent Wales with all links to the outside world cut off and UN peacekeepers guarding the border. Now you can picture Abkhazia, by Neal Ascherson (1998)
"SOUKHOUM-KALE" - "Report by Mr. Consul Gifford Palgrave on the Port and District of Soukhoum-Kale, for the Years 1865-1866."
Ten Shot for Conspiracy Against Stalin | Western Mail - November 10, 1937.
Lord David Ennals: Georgian troops guilty of atrocities - November 1992
Twenty Soviet Leaders Shot: Plot Against Stalin Alleged | Leeds Mercury - 10 November 1937
Red Flag Apes: Unwitting Lives in Soviet Monkey Farm | Aberdeen Press - 15 October 1928
The Russian Demand for Batoum | Pall Mall Gazette - 28 June 1878
A report from Abkhazia [Abchasia]: Reading Mercury - 07 December 1839
Why They Live to Be 100, Or Even Older, in Abkhasia, by Sula Benet (1971)
The Russo - Turkish War: The Revolt in Transcaucasia - Coventry Times (29 Aug 1877)
Chicago Daily Tribune, 1937: 'Russia Executes 10 For Plotting Stalin Murder'
There'll Always Be an Abkhasia - The New York Times, 1971
Newspaper archives: 1992-93 War
Travels in Circassia – Part II - Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine: July-December, 1856
Circassia-The Vixen - Freeman's Journal - Friday 24 March 1837
Abkhasian Mountaineers - The Graphic (London, England), September 8, 1877
Skin Color Creates No Barrier To Africans In The Soviet Union - (Afro-American 1973, - Part 3)
Many Africans Came To The Soviet Union During Turkish Rule (Afro-American 1973, - Part 2)
When Did Africans Get To Soviet Union? (Part - 1)



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