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Georgian Myths vs. Historical Facts: The Reality of Abkhazian History
Opponents of the "Foreign Agents" Law in Abkhazia: "Let's Hope that Bad Examples Are Not Always Contagious"
Navigating the Crisis: A Closer Look at Abkhazia's Political Elite, by Leuan Lagulaa
Discussion on the Foundation of Georgian-Abkhazian Settlement
Georgia at a Crossroads: The Reintroduction of the Contested 'Foreign Agent' Bill, by Alexander Kavtaradze
Responses to Some Fanciful Ideas of a “Historian” from Paris, Badri Gogia, by Denis Gopia
The Abkhazian-Russian Cold War, by Tengiz Ablotia
Guram Gumba: "The Power Attempts to Destroy the Blood-Earned Freedom and Independence of Abkhazia"
Said Gezerdaa: "State Security as a Tool for Blackmail and Compromise"
In Fact, There Was No Gallery to Speak Of… By Vitaly Sharia
"Black Sunday" in Abkhazia, by Izida Chania
Navigating Legal Complexities: An Analysis of the Pitsunda Agreement, by Said Gezerdaa
The authority has issued a challenge to its people, and this challenge must be met! By Nizfa Arshba
"Official Abkhazia": What Is It and What Does It Mean for Our Republic? By Indira Bartsits
Challenging Georgian Narratives (Response 2): A Further Exploration on Abkhazia by Stanislav Lakoba
Rewriting History? A Critique of Modern Georgian Historiography on Abkhazia
Abkhazia's Historical Struggles: A Historical Letter by Arkhip Labakhua and Ivan Tarba
Promoting Sympathy for Abkhazia Worldwide, by Frédéric Delorca
Events of the Russian Civil War in Abkhazia 1918–1921 in the Manuscript Sources of the Estonians from Abkhazia, by Aivar Jürgenson
The Abkhazian Political Nation, by Viacheslav Chirikba
Circassians: Suspended Between Nostalgia and Harsh Reality, by Fehim Taştekin
Crisis and response in Soviet nationality policy: The case of Abkhazia, by Darrell Slider
Questions of Abkhazian history in the book by P. Ingorokva ‘Georgi Merchule - Georgian writer of the 10th century’, by Zurab V. Anchabadze
"When The Blind Lead The Blind, Both Will Fall Into a Pit" by Archimandrite Dorotheos (Dbar)
Symbol of Resilience and Spirit: The Significance of the Lykhny Linden Tree for the Abkhaz People
Attempt on the Spiritual Symbol of Abkhazia, by Vitaly Sharia
Several Observations Related to the Perception of the Georgian-Abkhazian Conflict, by Liana Kvarchelia
Long Term Implications of the US destruction of Nordstream 2 Pipeline, by Graham E. Fuller
"We don't owe anyone anything." Opinion on Abkhazia's attitude to the West and to Russia
Lachin Corridor Blockade and Looming Humanitarian Disaster in Nagorno Karabakh, by Vicken Cheterian
Russia, Georgia, and Abkhazia, by Edward Mihalkanin
How do contested states seek international recognition? The case of Abkhazia | Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
Liana Kvarchelia: “The decision of the European Union was not absolutely inevitable”
East and West: between Hammer and Anvil, by Stanislav Lakoba
Lukashenko and Abkhazia: He’ll toss it aside, no he won’t toss it aside, he’ll press it to his heart... By Vitaly Sharia
Western Media Coverage of Abkhazia Has Become The Pattern Thirty Years Later, by Patrick Armstrong
Conflicts on Our Borders, by Yevgeny M. Primakov - from his book 'A World Challenged'
Civil Society and Conflict Transformation in De Facto States: The Case of Abkhazia
The Ibero-Caucasian hypothesis and the historiography of Abkhazia, by Kevin Tuite
Greeks and "Georgians" in ancient Colchis, by Philip L. Kohl and Gocha R. Tsetskhladze
Liana Kvarchelia: “For Freedom House the level of freedom is important”
The Impact of Historical Narratives on Ethnic Conflicts in Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia and South Ossetia
The Sacred Time of the Azhyrnyhwa Ritual, by Marina Bartsyts
How can Georgian-Abkhaz conflict be settled in the realities of today's world? By Astamur Tania
'Discussion' about Abkhazia without Abkhazians, by Vitali Sharia
A century of Sovietisation, or How Abkhazia became a republic, by Vitaly Sharia
“What Are They Doing? After All, We’re Not Germans”: Expulsion, Belonging, and Postwar Experience in the Caucasus, by Claire P. Kaiser
The case study of Abkhazia's financial foreign policy towards Russia since 2008, by Barbara Waldner
How Armenia Lost Karabakh and Lessons for Abkhazia, by A Concerned Citizen
Better a bitter truth than a sweet lie, by David Dasania



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