Mineral waters of Abkhazia

Abkhazia is recognized as a country that has the world largest water resource and no one can equal with the high quality of potable water of Abkhazia.

The content of oxygen in the air is very rich and free from industrial emissions, sea water amazes by its unique purity and transparency, and you can easily swim in the sea the whole year round.

Mineral waters of Abkhazia

Drinking mineral waters are groundwaters, waters from melted snow or artificial waters, comprise saline and compositions of matter. In contrast to pure drinking water mineral water has the high level of salinity.
Approximately 170 sources of mineral waters are known in Abkhazia. Better than others studied Auadkhara mineral water, Primorskaia mineral water, Markhiaul mineral water, Sukhum mineral water, Atsgara and Sakian mineral waters, located in the different districts of republic. Mineral waters of Abkhazia are known as health-giving steal waters, and also popular at sanatorium-and-spa treatment.

Auadkhara mineral water
Auadkhara mineral water rises in the resort of Auadkhara, which is located in Gudauta district on the south slope of the Main mountain range of the Great Caucasus. A picturesque valley of the Auadkhara River, surrounded by mountains, is at a height of a 1650 m above sea level, in 96 kilometers from a town Gudauta. Auadkhara is a mountain and balneology health resort, the winter here is temperate soft with a steady snow-cover, and summer is temperate cool and damp. Prospecting well-boring was begun here in 1946. Over 30 natural outcrops of healing waters were discovered. Health resort Auadkhara is rich in carbonaceous mineral springs, which were revealed both in natural sources, and in holes too.

Analogues of Auadkhara mineral water are Borzhom (Georgia) and Vichy (France). These three mineral waters belong to one group. Their main constituents are a hydrogen carbonate, natrium and carbonic acid. The lowest temperature and mineralization has Аuadkhara mineral water, but in contrast to its analogues Аuadkhara mineral water contains more carbonic acid and ferrous acid. Also it contains bioactive health-giving trace elements: bromine, arsenic, silicic acid and iodine. A lot of researches devoted to studying of therapeutic action of Аuadkhara mineral water. Bottled Аuadkhara mineral water has a good influence on organism with chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract, chronic cholecystitus and gastritis. But there are some contra-indications too.

Primorskaia mineral water

In 30 km. from town Sukhum between Novy Afon and Gudauta on the Black Sea shore is the village Primorskoe – balneotherapeutic health resort. Close to this village in 1937-1940 as a result of well-boring (160-260 m. of depth) was outcropped sulphuretted hydrogen sodium chloride water.

The physiological and therapeutic efficiency of bottled Primorskaya water has been studied in Abkhazian Institute of health resort study and physiotherapy. On basis of experimental and clinical researches of Auadkhara drinking mineral water was recommended a course of treatment for people with following diseases: chronic gastritis, stomach ulcer, chronic hepatitis, pancreatitis and cholecystitis.

Sukhum mineral waters

Mineral springs, located nearby town Sukhum, are well-known since ancient times. The depth well-boring in Sukhum region was in 1955-1965y. Three mineral waterbearing stratums were outcropped in the village Basla (4 kilometers from Sukhum). At different depths were founded nitrogenated thermal water and two kinds of sulphuretted hydrogen water.

Sukhum mineral waters are mainly for baths and irrigation. It is very effective treatment for people with cardiovascular collapses and nervous system diseases, as well as for musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system and skin.

In spite of the fact that using of Sukhum mineral waters for drinking is not completely studied, it is accepted as correct to use Sukhum mineral waters for treatment of following diseases: chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract, hepatitis and gall-bladder diseases.

Markhiaul mineral water
Markhiaul mineral water outcrops in village Markhiaul which is located in Gulripsh region (9 kilometers to the east of Sukhum). Physical-chemical analysis presents that the Markhiaul mineral water is brackish hydrocarbonate natrium calcic magnesium water.

Markhiaul mineral water springs at a depth of 50-110 metres. It has the same properties and mineralization with “Truskovetskaia” water. Organic matters of Markhiaul mineral water are mainly humic and bituminous substances. There is also a quantity of different microelements in Markhiaul mineral water. All this components relating to bioactive substances and in the judgment of scientists they guarantee the high therapeutic effectiveness on application of Markhiaul mineral water.

Atsgara and Sakian mineral waters

In north-east of Gulripsh region in southern mountainside of the Great Caucasus close to Azhara village are located a lot of outcrops of mineral springs. Atsgara is at a high of 1600m.above sea level in Valley of Atsgara River (90 km. from Sukhum). Atsgara mineral water by its chemistry belongs to the cold ferrous carbonate- hydrocarbonate-calcic-natrium type of mineral waters. Sakian mineral water outcrops in village Sakian, which is located at a high of 1500m.above sea level. The climate of mountain village Sakian is gently mild in winter and cool and dry in summer. Physicochemical characteristics of Sakian mineral water is similar to Atsgara mineral water.

Atsgara and Sakian mineral waters have near resemblance to Auadkhara mineral water, Borzhomi and Narzan. Mineral drinking waters use is recommended for people with chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract, dysbolism and so on. 




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