Kagor Novy Afon, red fortified


The dry red wine «Novy Afon» was created with the blessing of the Abkhazian Eparchy. Novy Afon [New Athos] is one of the holiest sites of the Orthodox world. The protector of New Athos is the enlightener of Abkhazia, the Apostle St. Simon the Caananite, at whose wedding Jesus Christ performed the first miracle, turning the water into wine.

Grape varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon (not less 80%)

Aroma: Appreciable tone of warm dairy cream

Taste: Soft, velvety with long and pleasant aftertaste

Sugar content: 140 g/ dm3

Serving temperature: +18-20°С

Producer: Wines and Beverages of Abkhazia

"Gold medal" Vinnaya Karta Open 2010

Type Fortified
Color Red
Alcohol 16°
Volume 0,75



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