The Chamber of Commerce has presented the sixth edition of the "Catalogue of enterprises of the Republic of Abkhazia"


Adjika is the best known condiment of traditional Abkhazian cuisine, popular in Russia and abroad.

The Chamber of Commerce has presented the sixth edition of the "Catalogue of enterprises of the Republic of Abkhazia". The presentation was held at the restaurant "Ertsakhw" and was attended by the heads of the districts of Abkhazia, of various enterprises, and of representatives of the Embassy of Russia in Abkhazia as well as by journalists.

"I am pleased that today you share in our joy and and that you support the collective work of the Chamber," said the President of CCI of the Republic of Abkhazia, Gennadij Gagulia, in welcoming the guests. According to him, this annual business-publication has become one of the main sources of information for the business-community of the country.

"The favourable socio-economic situation will allow you to plan and realise long-term business-activities, new projects, services and production. This is reflected in the catalogue of companies, the number of which increases every year. If in the first edition the number was 150, in 2014 we have reached over 1,700 of highly successful organisations and enterprises, which testifies to the economic activity in the country," said Gennadii Gagulia.

He noted that the CCI of the Republic of Abkhazia will continues to realise various projects and provide services aimed at the further development and improvement of business in the state.

Delegations from the CCI of the Republic of Abkhazia over the last year have paid official business-visits to countries such as China, Greece, Bulgaria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan. According Gagulia, "A huge leap has been made to the strengthen and promote the position of domestic business and to create a positive image and render attractive investment in the Republic of Abkhazia."

The Republic of Abkhazia’s CCI President expressed the hope that readers will be pleasantly surprised to find included in the catalogue works Abkhazian artists since "painting and art in general has long attracted enterprising and business-people." "Today, in the Abkhazian creative environment, there exists great potential for the implementation of which support and attention are essential, because art and business are impossible without creative and imaginative ideas," he said.

Gennadii Gagulia wished everyone success in realising their business-activities and expressed the hope that the directory will promote "the establishment of a mutually beneficial business-relationship."

We note that at the presentation of the catalogue the products of some enterprises were presented. In particular, alcoholic and non-alcoholic products of LLC "Brewery ‘Sukhum’", “Drinks of Abkhazia and Co.", “Wines and Beverages of Abkhazia", “Aqua-service", “Abkhazian Vine", ground-coffee firm “Coffee- Break”, honey FE "Tugushev", adzhik’a [= ‘salt’] from the company "Abhaz-product", etc.

Director of the commercial firm "Sukhum Babaevskii", Beslan Kvarchia, believes today’s presentation to be an example of how any presentation such be conducted.

"Our Chamber of Commerce enjoys high status and prestige everywhere. It does not restrict its activities to Abkhazia and Russia; it is known in Turkey, Jordan, and other countries," the businessman told reporters.







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