The Forests of the Western Caucasus, by Eduard A. Rubel

Primeval forest in the Sho-ekwara valley near Gagra. (from the article)

The Forests of the Western Caucasus, by Eduard A. RubelThe Forests of the Western Caucasus
Author: Eduard A. Rubel
Year: 1914
Publisher: British Ecological Society
Place of Publication: London 
Number of pages: 7 (pp. 39-42)
Language: English

Journal of Ecology, Vol. 2, No. 1 (Mar., 1914), pp. 39-42

The following is a brief phytogeographical sketch of the forests of the western portion of the Caucasus range, which I visited in 1912 as a member of the excursion to the Caucasus and Armenia arranged and conducted by Prof. M. Rikli of Zurich, whose "Naturwissenschaftliche Studienreisen" are so well known to and appreciated by botanists, as well as by workers in other fields, that I need not give particulars concerning them here, beyond mentioning that those interested will find details—botanical, zoological, geological, ethnographical, etc.—in the book edited by Prof. Rikli giving an account of the 1912 excursion.

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