The Abkhasian Name of the Supreme Being, by Simon Janashia

Priests of Abkhazian sanctuaries pray during a rite of passage.

Georgica | A Journal of Georgian and Caucasian Studies.
No:4 & 5 Autumn 1937, pp. 287-289

Editors: W.E.D. Allen & A. Gugushvili

The Abkhasian Name of the Supreme Being

Simon Janashia, (July 13, 1900 – November 5, 1947) was a Georgian historian. He was a professor of history and one of the founding members of the Georgian Academy of Sciences.

A translation of the article published in Georgian in Dselidsdeuli - The Year Book, of the Georgian Philological Society, Tiflis, 1923-4, vol. i-ii, pp. 69-73.

The article in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (258 KB)

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