Studies of Abkhaz Loanword (Abchasische Lehnwortstudien)

Abchasische Lehnwortstudien
Author: Gustav Friedrich Schmidt (1877 - 1945)
Year: 1950
Place of Publication: Helsinki, Finland
Publisher: Studia Orientalia edidit Societas Orientalis Fennica [14:4]
Number of Pages: 27
Language: German

"Words borrowed from the Abkhaz language, one of the languages of the Caucasus in the U.S.S.R; foreign influences on Abkhaz; the structure of the language. 12.141-3 von Gabain, Annemarie (Vol. 14, no.4)"

The full text in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (6.40 MB)

See also: Gustav Schmidt: in memoriam (Neuphilologische Mitteilungen Vol. 46, No. 2 (1945), pp. 65-67)

 Schmidt Friedrich Gustav 1877-1945




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