Window on Eurasia: Can the Ubykh Language Return from the Dead?

Tevfik Esenc and George Hewitt

Paul Goble - Window on Eurasia

Staunton, October 4 – Deputies of the Kabardino-Balkarian parliament have appealed to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to include the Ubykhs, a subgroup of the Circassian nation, on the official list of numerically small indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation and thus take the first step to the revival of a language which has been considered dead since 1992. 

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Letter of Indignation and Protest

ALLS Media Monitoring -- We would like to bring to your attention that three representatives of the Abkhaz civil society, Gulnara Kichba, the Chairperson of the organization “Mothers of Abkhazia for Peace and Social Justice”, Asida Lomiya, the staff member of the same organization and Liudmila Sagariya, the staff member of the Foundation of Disabled and Amputees “Veresk” have been denied to obtain visas in the Polish Consulate in Moscow. 

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Amazon Warriors' Names Revealed Amid "Gibberish" on Ancient Greek Vases

Translations reveal Amazons' names such as Don't Fail and Hot Flanks hidden in ancient "nonsense" inscriptions.

By Dan Vergano
National Geographic

Ancient Greek vases have revealed the hidden names of Amazons, mythology's warrior women, in a report deciphering ancient languages unspoken for millennia.

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Inal Agrba Needs Our Help!

Inal Agrba needs our help! It seemed like a normal April day in 2014, but not for Vitalii Agrba’s family. For Agrba’s family April 22 was a fateful day that they look back on with horror. On that day misfortune befell their younger son … Six-year-old Inal and his older brother Osman were fooling around with needles, and Osman accidentally grazed his little brother’s left eye. The boys decided to conceal the incident from their mother, but within two days the eye was visibly badly reddened and the boys had to tell their mother what had happened and how. Out of her mind with despair, the mother immediately grabbed her son and took him to the Sukhum Eye Hospital, where the child was given the necessary medical aid, but it transpired that the eye was badly inflamed and the retina was damaged. The course of treatment did not help, and the child’s vision deteriorated with each passing day… The doctors at the clinic advised the parents to take him abroad as soon as they could.

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