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View of the West Bank. Photographer: Abir Sultan/AFP via Getty Images

The World’s Hypocrisy About Israel’s Occupation of the West Bank
By Eli Lake | Bloomberg

The example of Russia is instructive. In 2020, Russia occupies Ukrainian territory in Crimea and Donbass. It occupies the Georgian provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. It occupies the Moldovan territory of Transnistria.

But Russia is really only paying a price for its occupation and annexation of Crimea, which has caused the U.S. and its European allies to sanction sectors of the Russian economy. Russia was initially sanctioned for its occupation of Georgian territory, but those sanctions were lifted in 2009 following a flimsy cease-fire agreement that Russian-backed separatists have since violated. The EU treats Transnistrian goods as if they were Moldovan. There are no restrictions on trade from the Georgian territory that Russia occupies.

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Pepper and Stone: how to 'produce' Abkhazian ajika

Ajika | Adjika Abkhazian Chilli hot paste

The secrets of the ancient method of preparing the Abkhazian national seasoning known as ajika [adjika or adzhika; Abkhaz: аџьыка] and the transformation of hot pepper and spices on stone into a unique, fragrant and piquant ‘masterpiece’ were revealed to a correspondent of Sputnik by Alla Sabua-Chichba, resident of the village of Achandara.

Sputnik Abkhazia: Rada Azhiba.

In olden days, the Abkhazians prepared ajika on a special stone: large, flat, and of quadrangular or round shape. The stone is called ahaqj’a (the mortar), and all ingredients are ground to a mass of plasticine-like consistency with another oblong stone called apkhnyga (the pestle).

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Scientists explain story of 'Afro-Abkhazian' from 19th century photo

Caucasian Knot -- In January, the website “” published, in the article "Peoples of the Russian Empire", some photos from the stock of the library of the US Congress, including a portrait of an "Afro-Abkhazian" – a man in a beshmet and a fur hat with a naked dagger, having Negroid facial features. According to the article, these photos are from the collection of the American writer and traveller George Kennan, made in the 1870-1880s.

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The documentary film 'Highland Abkhazia / Winter' will be presented in Sukhum for the first time

SUKHUM -- On December 22 the Abkhazian State Philharmonic of R. Gumba holds an evening dedicated to the final presentation of the project "Highland Abkhazia / Seasons", called "Country of the secret spirit of nature".

As fund manager of the "Highland Abkhazia" Tengiz Tarba told "Apsnypress", for the first time the evening will present a documentary feature film "Mountain Abkhazia / Winter" about winter expeditions of the project.

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9 reasons to visit Abkhazia, by Łukasz Kuźma

What do you see when hear Abkhazia? Mines? Barbed wire? Buildings with bullet holes? Encompassing gray? The war ended that only few years ago. And certainly Abkhazia does not seem to be a good place for a trip with your child? In our last post we drew a little dark picture of Abkhazia, today we will try to show you its other face. We found it to be a beautiful land right where Caucasus mountains meet the Black Sea. It’s sunny, interesting and really friendly even for the youngest travellers because full of friendly and outgoing people.

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