Patriots and filibusters or Incidents of political and exploratory travel, by Laurence Oliphant

Laurence Oliphant (1829 – 1888), a Member of Parliament, British author, traveller, diplomat.

Patriots and filibusters or Incidents of political and exploratory travelPatriots and filibusters or Incidents of political and exploratory travel
Author: Laurence Oliphant (1829-1888)
Year: 1860
Publisher: W. Blackwood and Sons, (Edinburgh and London)
Place of Publication: Edinburgh 
Number of pages: 242
Language: English

Political importance of Circassia — Position of Abkhasia: its political condition — Visit to Prince Michael — An exploring party. (1-6)

A ride to Souksou — Luxuriant vegetation — Residence of  Prince Michael — A Byzantine church — The Caucasian chain — The fort of Gagra— Arrival at Vardan — Our reception by the Circassians — A Russian slave— A visit to Ismail Bey —  Circassian belles— Start for the interior — The valley of the  Soubachi — Picturesque night-quarters — Interior of the  Konak — Dinner preparations— A Circassian patriot— A midnight camp— A novel dinner-party — A Circassian serenade. (7-27) 

A dangerous ford — The Circassian language — Appearance of the population — A little slave-dealing — A perilous climb —  Cultivation of the valleys — Accidents by flood and fell —  The adventures of Leuka — Distrust of the natives — Circassian Adonises — Magnificent sunset — Isolation of the Circassians: their opinion of foreigners — Effect of the blockade. (28-42)

Valley of the Tecumseh — The Ubooch volunteers — Hadji Mustapha: his simplicity and devotion — The district of  Djikethie — Price of pro-Russian sympathy — A patriotic quarrel — Explorations near Ardiller — The patriots of Ubooch — Episodes of the war — Death of Izak Bey — Our Eastern policy — Russian aggression in the East — Circassian co-operation during the war — Oagmaff — Early history of Abkhasia — The march of Mithridates — Rebellion against Justinian — Union of Georgia and Abkhasia — The Russian protectorate — Sympathies of the Abkhasians — Effect of Abkhasian independence — Political results of the late war. (60-83)

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