Russian imperialism and the independence of the highlanders | Speech by M.F. Shanba on May 11, 1927

Russian imperialism and the independence of the highlandersРусский империализм и независимость горцев 
Russian imperialism and the independence of the highlanders 
Author: M.F. Shanba (Ashanba) Mehmet Fetgeri Şoenü (1890–1931)
Year: 1928
Place of Publication: Prague
Number of pages: 15
Language: Russian

Речь, произнесенная на торжественном заседании Народной Партии Вольных Горцев Кавказа 11 мая 1927 года
Speech delivered at the solemn meeting of the People's Party of the Free Highlanders of the Caucasus on May 11, 1927

M.F. Shanba [Mehmet Fetgeri Şoenü (1890–1931)], Abkhaz sociologist, historian & sportsman. Member of an Abkhazian family who was exiled from (Gudauta) Abkhazia to Anatolia after the 1877-78 Russo-Ottoman war. North Caucasian nationalist, Fetgerey has books on sociology and physical education, and various works based on the North Caucasus and Caucasians. He is the second founding member of Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club.

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