Magical World of 'The Snow Maiden' Unfolds in Abkhaz State Theatre

Directed by Madina Argun, Abkhazia's distinguished artist, this New Year's show captivates all ages.

Directed by Madina Argun, Abkhazia's distinguished artist, this New Year's show captivates all ages.

SUKHUM / AQW'A ―  The Samson Chanba Abkhaz State Theatre recently delighted audiences with the premiere of "The Snow Maiden" in Abkhaz, based on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky.

The performance, attended by students from Sukhum schools as well as schools from the village of Ldzaa and the settlement of Bzypta, captivated its young audience. The children were engrossed in the magic unfolding on stage, enjoying the enchanting Christmas atmosphere, vivid costumes, music, and special effects.

The choice of "The Snow Maiden" was deliberate, as she is a central character in New Year's festivities. Ostrovsky's famous play conveys that life without love is meaningless. It teaches the value of kindness, placing humanity above vanity and self-importance, and encourages finding a way out of difficult situations while believing in goodness.

The Abkhaz translation of the play was skilfully done by poet Neli Tarba.

Directed by Madina Argun, a distinguished artist of Abkhazia, the New Year's performance was a universal spectacle, appealing to both children and adults. "It's a very colorful show. We've prepared interesting decorations and magical costumes. There's even snow, which we seldom see in Sukhum, featured on stage," Argun shared.

Fifth-grader Amina Agrba from Bzypta Middle School No. 1 expressed her love for theatre visits with her classmates, especially during the festive season. "I particularly enjoy theatre visits during holidays. With the New Year approaching, I wish everyone health, joy, and for their dreams to always come true," said Amina.

Leading roles were performed by Esma Kvitsinia as The Snow Maiden, Daur Arukhava as Father Frost, and Izolda Arukhava as Spring Beauty. The cast also included Alkhas Shamba, Garri Adzhindzhal, Vasily Dzidzaria, Kristina Tsimtsba, Tsiala Inapshba, Gunda Zhiba, and Lana Gergia.

The set was designed by Vitaly Katsba, with Diana Dopua as costume designer, Ilona Khvartskiya as lighting artist, assisted by Mikhail Mandzhaladze and Inal Dzhalagonia, and sound by Timur Agrba.

The play will run twice daily at 12:00 and 14:00 on December 26, 27, 29, 30, January 2, and 3 at the Abkhaz Drama Theatre.

On December 28 at 15:00, the performance will be shown at the Gagra Cultural Centre.




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