Abkhazia and Georgia: A Selective Approach to Human Rights

Following the distressing event on December 9th in Gal, Abkhazia, where 40-year-old Georgian citizen Temur Karbaia tragically lost his life, questions arise about the response of both Abkhazian and Georgian authorities to human rights issues. Karbaia reportedly succumbed to injuries inflicted by local police, sparking discussions on selective silence and condemnation by officials regarding human rights abuses.

Initially, Abkhazian officials remained silent for two days post Karbaia's death. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia later issued a statement, as reported by 'Aiashara' Agency, conspicuously omitting any reference to alleged police brutality. 

In contrast, Georgian politicians swiftly condemned the incident, portraying it as a clear human rights violation. 

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This hypocrisy is further illustrated in the kidnapping cases of Abkhazian citizens David Sigua and Garry Djopua by Georgian Special Forces. David Sigua, the Chairman of the Gal Electoral Commission, was abducted from Gal town on 3 February 2007. Despite appeals to the Georgian government and the EU, his whereabouts remain unknown. In November 2010, Harry Dzhopua was taken by Georgian police and reappeared a month later near Nabakevi village, seriously injured from torture and disoriented, showing signs of heavy psychotropic drug use

Both instances received no attention from Georgian officials or international organisations, highlighting a pattern of selective human rights advocacy.

This selective approach from both sides demonstrates a concerning regional trend. Both Abkhazian and Georgian officials are quick to denounce transgressions against themselves, yet often ignore their own misconduct or wrongdoings towards the other side. This undermines their credibility in addressing human rights and calls for a more consistent and transparent approach.

Temur Karbaia's tragic death is a stark reminder of the consequences of this selective silence and condemnation. It underscores the urgent need for both Abkhazian and Georgian authorities to adopt a balanced stance on human rights, prioritizing the welfare and dignity of all individuals, transcending political boundaries and the nature of the crimes involved.




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