Another regular meeting in Gal

On the 2nd of November the regular five-side meeting on prevention and respond to the incidents was held. First of all, the Abkhazian side raised the question of Harry Jopua destiny who was kidnapped at the territory of Georgia and is still missing. The Abkhazian side is insisting on his return to Abkhazia. According to Ruslan Kishmariya, the Head of the Abkhazian Delegation, there is no certainty that the case with Jopua is not the reiteration of the case with the David Sigua’s abduction.

Several times the Abkhazian side applied to Georgia asking to provide the information concerning this case. The official conversions to European institutes such as Thomas Hammerberg, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Peter Semneby EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus and CPT were made as well. But still, the Abkhazian call was unanswered. Georgia, on its side, claims, that it has nothing to do with the disappearance of Abkhazian citizens.

The Abkhazian representatives notify that five-side meeting cannot be held until the information relating to the abduction of Abkhazian citizens is provided. At the same time, the Abkhazian side adheres to its constructive position not to refuse to participate in the future five-side conferences and expects proper respond of the Georgian side.

In addition, Abkhazia expects the actual involvement of the European Union Monitoring Mission on the case of the disappearance of Abkhazian citizens at the territory of Georgia.




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