Statement of the MFA of Abkhazia regarding another kidnapping of the Abkhazian citizen

Statement of the MFA of the Republic of Abkhazia

It became recently known that on the 11th of October 2010 another Abkhazian citizen was kidnapped. Parpaliya Nugzar (born in 1945) who works as a foreman at a Rep village of Abkhazia was arrested on the Georgian side of the border in Hurcha village. Parpaliya Nugzar was caught by the Georgian special services when he was returning to Abkhazia from the territory of Georgia. He was convicted in drug trafficking but it is known that the evidence against him was put stealthily.

Abduction of Abkhazian people by Georgian special services becomes a practice. It is a second capture in October already. This kind of action still does not have any appropriate reactions from the vast number of international representatives located in Georgia. Moreover, residents of Abkhazia are practically disappearing at the secret prisons of Georgia.

We consider the actions of Georgia as a provocation, leading to the disruption of the fragile negotiation process and to the intimidation of the Georgian population living in Gal region in Abkhazia.

We are continuing to urge the international organizations presented in Georgia for the immediate participation and investigation of the facts of kidnapping of Abkhazian citizens. We insist the Georgian side to provide any information regarding the prisons where the detained citizens of Abkhazia David Sigua and Harry Djopua are held.

Sukhum 26/10/2010

Source: MFA Abkhazia




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