The struggle of the Caucasian peoples for independence, by Andre Gugushvili (1951)

Andre(w) [Andria] Gugushvili (1895-1970)

Andre(w) [Andria] Gugushvili (1895-1970).

The Eastern Quarterly. Vol IV, No. 4, October 1951 

Andre(w) [Andria] Gugushvili (1895-1970) received his secondary education in Kutaisi, Georgia until the age of 16, and then attended the Mining School in Freiberg, Germany until the outbreak of the First World War. He later traveled to the UK via Sweden.

During WW1, Gugushvili worked as an assistant secretary to the Russian Supply Committee in the UK. He served as the 1st Secretary of the Georgian Legation in London until Georgia was incorporated into the Soviet Union in 1921. He was associated with the Georgian Historical Society and received financial support from the Georgian government in exile in Paris. Additionally, he worked as a historian at the British Museum and served as an advisor to the School of Oriental Studies. He also represented the Georgian government in London.

The struggle of the Caucasian peoples for independence

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