Newspaper archives: 1992-93 War

Newspaper Clippings on 1992-93 War

Reading Eagle August 15, 1992

- [4:34 sec.] Reporter: Mr. Shevardnadze, could you we have prevented the war in Abkhazia?

Eduard Shevardnadze: Of course we could. However, we need to remember the times we were living in back then and what was going on in Georgia at the time. But [Tengiz] Kitovani, the defence minister, should never have sent troops to Sukhumi. That was our biggest mistake. [Absence of Will - Documentary Film]

Reading Eagle August 18, 1992

Telegraph Herald October 4, 1992

[11.52 sec.] Gia Karkarashvili [General - Army Commander of the State Council of Georgia]: In the first place, the Ossetian war [1991-92] in Tskhinvali had just ended. The Georgia National Guard suffered heavy losses. We were exhausted. That’s why I thought it was reckless to go into Abkhazia. But I was told that the 13th-14th August was a good time to launch a military operation because the Russian Parliament was in recess. Unfortunately, we entered Abkhazia in a very disorganized way. We didn’t even have a specific goal [REMEMBER the claims about protect the railway] and we started looting villages along the way. As a result, in the space of a month we managed to make enemies of the entire local population, especially the Armenians.

Reporter: Did they turn against us just because of the way our troops behaved?

No, not just because of that. But we shouldn’t have allowed all that hatred to build up. We could have prevented it, but we didn’t. [Absence of Will - Documentary Film]

Video: Gia Karkarashvili, the Georgian Commander-in-Chief on TV threatens the Abkhazian nation with genocide:

The New York Times October 4, 1992

The Register Guard September 25, 1993

The Register Guard September 26, 1993




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