Co-chairmen of the Geneva Talks to take part in a seminar in Pitsunda

SUKHUM -- Co-chairmen of the Geneva Talks – Philippe Lefort (EU), Antti Turunen (UN) and Padrig Murphy (OSCE) – will participate in a seminar on the origins of the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict, its history, and the prospects for peace. The seminar, as reporters were informed by Foreign Minister Vjacheslav Chirikba, will be held on 15 February in Pitsunda.

On the Abkhazian side, it will be attended by: Security Council Secretary, historian, author of a number of works on the history of conflict and post-conflict situation, Stanislav Lakoba; one-time Foreign Minister, ex-Speaker of Parliament, Head of Abkhazia’s delegation to the Geneva talks in 1993-94, Sokrat Dzhindzholia; Secretary of the Public Chamber, Natella Akaba; Minister for Foreign Affairs, Viacheslav Chirikba; former Deputy-Defence Minister, Garri Kupalba; and others. 

"The seminar will take run for one day. We will inform colleagues of the EU, UN and OSCE about the history of the conflict and our vision of a path leading to its resolution. I think the seminar will help to create a better understanding of our aspirations and position," said Chirikba.

"We do not expect that our partners and colleagues will share our point of view. To assume so would be naive, but, nevertheless, we believe in the usefulness of this event. Our partners are directlyengaged in the conflict between Abkhazia and Georgia, and their motivation is to solve the conflict. In this our opinions coincide. We too want to resolve the conflict," said the Minister of ForeignAffairs of Abkhazia.

The seminar in Pitsunda, according to Chirikba, will be useful, as colleagues from the UN, EU and OSCE are also interested to hear the views of the Abkhazian side.

"This is important for a better understanding of the whole perspective of the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict,” said Chirikba. “I think that everything will be well organised; Pitsunda is a delightful, peacefulspot, and we hope that we will be able to communicate well."




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