Remembering Abaghba Bahadir: The Hero Abkhazia Gained from the Diaspora

Abağba Bahadır: 1967 - 20 September 1993

Abaghba Bahadir: 1967 - 20 September 1993

Born in 1967 in Eskişehir, Türkiye, Abaghba Bahadir (Özbağ), was among the vanguard group of 33 who journeyed from Türkiye to defend Abkhazia from Georgian occupation.

Allying with the Shamil Basayev battalion, Bahadir played pivotal roles in the Gagra, Shroma, and Kuachara operations, marking significant victories in the Abkhazian Liberation War. Tragically, after sustaining severe injuries on November 30, 1992, and following a relentless recovery, Bahadir returned to the front only to lose his life during the decisive attack on Sukhum on September 20. He rests in Gudauta.

While recuperating from his injuries in late 1992, Bahadir expressed:

"I am Abağba Bahadır from Eskişehir, of Apswa lineage. Born as an Abaza, my heart compelled me to defend our land when it fell under the shadow of the Georgian oppressors. This land is our heart, our ancestral birthright...

Rumours followed our journey here—whispers that we were merely playing at war, emulating figures like Rambo. Such words stung deeply.

In Türkiye, I served in a government post. A future awaited me there, with a salary of 4 million lira. Many of my compatriots had their own prospects and professions. Had we stayed, we'd have led peaceful lives—enjoying evenings with friends, perhaps settling down with a loving partner. Yet, a deeper calling stirred within us. We did not come to Abkhazia for pretense. We came feeling a bond, a kinship with this soil. To the naysayers, I say you misunderstand our purpose. It should not be forgotten that fascism has always been doomed to failure. The end of Georgian fascism will also be a disappointment. This is our motherland. Our own people will determine the fate of our people. Thank you."

As we mark the 31st anniversary of his noble sacrifice, we honour and commemorate our Abkhazian hero, Abaghba Bahadir, with profound respect and gratitude.




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