Overhaul in Abkhazian Institute for Humanitarian Studies to be launched in 2015

Abkhazian Institute

President Alexander Ankvab has held an enlarged meeting with employees of D. I. Gulia Abkhazian Institute for Humanitarian Studies.

Specialists with Apsnyrgylara state-run company Dmitry Tsymtsba and Rush Zantaria presented a project of a new building of the Institute.

In addition to the overhaul of the existing building, the project provides for the construction of a new three-storied building near the institute.

AIHS employees were satisfied with the project they had seen. They admitted they had dreamt for a long time to work in proper conditions.

The People’s poet of Abkhazia Mushni Lasuria expressed the hope to see a museum of literature in the Institute. The builders promised to consider this issue.

The head of Apsnyrgylara state-run company Ruslan Tvanba said it will take about four months to prepare an overhaul project and construct a new building. Overhaul itself is to be launched by 2015.

The President added that the opinion of the AIHS management and employees will be taken into consideration when projecting a new building. ‘The builders won’t plan anything without agreeing with you’, Alexander Ankvab said.



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