Meeting of FNEA Political council held

SUKHUM -- A meeting of the Political council of the Republican political party 'Forum of National Unity of Abkhazia' attended by Abkhazian President Raul Hadzhimba was held On Thursday, October 2.

According to the FNEA spokesperson, opening the meeting, the party's vice-chairman, a member of the Abkhazian Parliament Daur Arshba raised the issue of further activities and prospects of the development of the Forum. He added that in connection with the challenges the new power faces, FNEA's responsibility to the society waiting for changes and deep transformations even more increases.

President Raul Hadzhimba who addressed the members of the Political council said that he remained 'an adherent of the ideas of the party that had been joined by new forces during the political processes taking place in the country'.

The FNEA, according to the Presidet, has to strengthen its ranks and brisk up its activity, without losing touch with people.

Hadzhimba doesn't exclude that the FNEA can criticize the new power rather harshly if there are serious reasons and grounds for that. He also considers it expedient to keep the Coordination Council which managed to consolidate country's main political forces and paved the way for launching reforms.

The President declared that he was ready to discuss with everybody the problems the country faces, and that he was confident that the reforms would fundmentally change the situation. But at the same time he was not going to follow the tastes of those who imposed self-seeking or group interests, in particular, in staffing.

'For me, Raul Hadzhimba said,the priorities of the state and interests of the country are above all'. He pointed to the real danger of 'not building up well thought-out relationship with the Russian Federation – the main strategic partner of the Republic of Abkhazia'.

'If there are certain doubts in working out these or those priorities, they must be discussed with people and to exclude possible tendencies, destructive, dangerous to Abkhazia's sovereignty', the President said.

Hadzhimba drew attention of the members of the Political council to the need of toughening the policy of the Abkhazian state to Georgia working out the revanchist idea. The frontier with Georgia on the Ingur river will be fortified, only one check point must function there, taking into accout the state's security, all other points must be closed.

Raul Hadzhimba mentioned the field of activity of the law-enforcement system that had accumulated a lot of acute problems related to the own security of the law-enforcement agencies. The need of toughening struggle against drug dealers is obvious and this work will be consistently done. Specific objectives with deadlines have been set for the Internal Ministry leaders. A number of measures for strengthening the defense capability of our state will be undertaken. Reforms and transformations will be carried out in the system of health care and education, the resort and tourist sphere, etc.

The President mentioned that the new leadership would do everything possible for the wise use of the financial aid coming from the Russian Federation, investing it both in the development of the real sector of economy, and in the social sphere in proportion.

The members of the FNEA Political council V. Kvarchia, N. Zardania, T. Dzidzaria, G. Alamia, L. Enik, V. Zantaria, S. Berulava and others making speeches at the meeting raised the issues related to the need of speaking the state language by the officials appointed to important positions, organization of well equipped Abkhazian language courses, creation of a special agency controlling execution of the law on the state language. The issue of refreshing personnel at the level of city and district administartions, simplifying the procedure of passport exchange, personal responsibility of the state's top officials for forming and implementing a comprehensive repatriation program were also touched upon.

The President gave irrefragable answers to all questions, expressing readiness to continue consulting members of the Political council on all the problems of current importance.

Members of the Political council declared they realized the extreme complexity of the problems the new country leaders faced and would lend full support to the President and his team.

The issues of preparing for the party's convention were preliminary discussed. An advisory body including 15 members of the Political council was created, a spokesperson for the 'Forum of National Unity of Abkhazia' said.

'Apsnypress' state news agency



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