Shamil Adzynba: There are a lot of more secure ways to make money than oil production in our country

SUKHUM -- The Cabinet of Ministers reviewed and amended decree of 2013 "On granting LLC "RN-Shelf of Abkhazia" rights for exploration of hydrocarbons in the Gudauta area of the Black Sea".

The changes affected the timing of studying sea shelf. If earlier the company "Rosneft" has been granted the right to work for 45 years, and 5 years of them was given to the study of the shelf, now the company appealed to the RA Government with a statement and asked to change the terms.

As Deputy Minister of Economy Ahra Aristava explained, the fact is that "Rosneft" did not meet the deadline due to objective reasons. And now it is asking to extend the 3-year study of the shelf. Thus, 8 of the 45 years the company's specialists will explore the waters of Gudauta area, and then another 37 - will carry out exploration there.

The main discussion in the Cabinet turned around legal rights which gives the already concluded earlier agreement with the company "Rosneft". On the one hand, the budget of the republic will receive large tax revenues from Gudauta's part of the shelf. But then, as it turned out according to the law, if the company at its own expense carry out exploration, then later under the terms of "through license" it can go for mineral extraction.

"It is necessary to amend the legislation to mining issues decided by the people in a general referendum. There are a lot of more secure ways to make money than oil production ", - stressed First Deputy Prime Minister Shamil Adzynba. During the voting, he only voted "against" making changes to the order.

Another important decision of the Cabinet was the establishment of "autonomous non-profit organization "National Fund of Abkhazian political and economic programs" presented by Deputy Prime Minister Beslan Butba and Head of the legal department of the government Lasha Tsaava. According to the authors, this public organization is necessary to make it as a flexible platform to conduct foreign economic activity of the republic, to establish cooperation and contacts with foreign partners. As explained Beslan Butba, due to the fact that currently the foreign economic activity of public institutions in the country is limited, "such an organization will increase their toolkit".

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the "Regulations of the RA State Committee for Physical Culture and Sport", and set the maximum number of employees of the Committee. And also in accordance with the Decree of the President of Abkhazia about the excursion ticket to a single sample, changes in the resolution "On streamlining and strengthening of the control of sightseeing excursions by organizations in the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia" and "On Approval of the Regulations on licensing of tourist activity".

Also, 0.20 hectares of land in the village of Sukhum district, Gumista, have been allocated to LLC "Lazurniy bereg" for the construction of a hotel. And approved the decision to sell the property complex of holiday houses "Psou", if its renovation will be done for 2 years, and investment in renovation will reach 1 billion rubles.



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