89 Illegal Construction Projects Halted in Gagra: A Step Towards Orderly Development

Gagra, Abkhazia

SUKHUM / AQW'A ― During a recent meeting of the district Assembly, Diana Loboda, the chief architect of the Gagra district, announced the suspension of 89 illegal construction projects. 

Loboda stated that 71 of the cases have been forwarded to the Internal Affairs Directorate, while the Department of Architecture has issued around 30 written refusals for proposed construction projects. Many projects possess building permits but fail to comply with accepted norms and regulations, leading to their rejection.

Emphasizing the importance of a General Plan for the city's development to avoid chaotic construction, Loboda revealed that the first stage of the plan has been completed, identifying the issues with illegal construction. All unauthorised construction projects have been suspended, and the city's zoning is currently being presented.

A comprehensive master plan, under development by the Department of Architecture, is essential for ensuring the orderly growth of the city. Loboda also announced the establishment of an urban planning council under the Department of Architecture. This council will include representatives from the public, regional deputies, and experts to help guide the city's development.



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