A delegation from Tuvalu Arrives in Abkhazia

SUKHUM -- On 7 March, a delegation from Tuvalu, headed by Prime Minister Willy Telavi, arrived in Abkhazia. The same day, the President of Abkhazia received th high-ranking guests.

Aleksandr Ankvab, on behalf of the people and the leadership of the country, welcomed to soil of Abkhazia the delegation of Tuvalu, headed by the Prime Minister.

"Welcome to the country you have recognised!" said Aleksandr Ankvab. Willy Telavi thanked the leadership for the warm welcome. He greeted the President on behalf of the people of Tuvalu.

This is the second visit to Abkhazia by the Prime Minister of this Pacific Ocean state. The first time he visited our country was September last year.

"I have come to renew our friendly relations," said the Prime Minister. He spoke briefly about the history of Tuvalu and about the current state of affairs. He stressed that Tuvalu, as a state, is a member of the UN, and that in the near future it will be providing Abkhazia with the highest support for its recognition by the international community.

The President of Abkhazia expressed his gratitude for the support. He noted that, despite the distance between our two countries, cooperation is already underway.

The Prime Minister said that goodwill would overcome all distances. "You are fighting for the truth, and we support your efforts," said the Prime Minister of Tuvalu.

Aleksandr Ankvab said that there are many unjust standards in the world of which many countries take advantage.

"We value our independence, which was attained at the cost of immense losses. We will not retreat from this decision. As a people we share your tenacity, and we shall go forward," said Aleksandr Ankvab.

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