Gagra Hosts Animal Sterilisation Initiative Supported by Brigitte Bardot Foundation

At 89, French Actress and Animal rights Activist, Brigitte Bardot still Defends Animals

At 89, French Actress and Animal rights Activist, Brigitte Bardot still Defends Animals.

SUKHUM / AQW'A ― A ten-day dog sterilisation campaign is currently underway in Gagra, organised by the "Bagira" animal protection charity with support from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and a German animal welfare group. 

As another summer resort season nears in Abkhazia, the issue of homeless dogs in the cities of the resort republic becomes increasingly acute. It's noteworthy that these homeless packs often include pets whose owners let them roam in search of food.

In Abkhaz society, as is common elsewhere, advocates for humane treatment of animals frequently encounter those who are angered by the presence of stray animals, including on beaches, and who are willing to resort to extreme measures like culling to manage the situation. A widely accepted compromise is the practice of sterilising animals to prevent their uncontrolled reproduction.

Saida Otyrba, the director of the "Bagira" animal protection charity, informed the "Apsnypress" agency about a dog sterilisation campaign taking place in the resort town of Gagra. This initiative has garnered support from the internationally recognised Brigitte Bardot Foundation.

It’s important to remember that Brigitte Bardot, the French actress, singer, former model, and writer, who was a sex symbol in the 1950s and 1960s, will soon turn ninety. Although she has retreated from the public eye for many decades, she has made a significant impact as an animal rights activist and founder of her own animal protection foundation.

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"We reached out to the foundation knowing that sterilisation is considered a luxury in Abkhazia. Few can afford to pay five thousand rubles for the sterilisation of a dog, and families often have more than one pet. Fortunately, the Foundation responded positively to our request. Its representatives, along with a German animal protection foundation, arrived in Abkhazia. The campaign, which focuses primarily on domestic animals to prevent unwanted litters, will last for ten days, while volunteers handle the street dog situation collectively," explained Saida.

Otyrba noted that the sterilisation efforts are concentrated in Gagra, as the Foundation is only permitted to operate in regions with animal shelters, and Gagra district does have such a facility.

"Animals have been brought in from across the region, including from Gal, Agudzera, Sukhum, New Athos, and Pitsunda. The concluding days are dedicated to Gagra," she added.

Over 250 animals have been sterilised since the start of this free campaign in Gagra.

The campaign began in the urban-type settlement of Tsandripsh. From April 14th, animals from New Athos and Gal were accepted in Gagra, and on April 15th, those from Sukhum and Agudzera were welcomed.




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