Parliamentary Committee on Legal Policy Rejects Defamation Bill

Parliamentary Committee Deliberates on Legal Reforms, Dismisses Defamation Bill.

Parliamentary Committee deliberates on legal reforms, dismisses defamation bill.

SUKHUM / AQW'A ―  During an extensive session on April 19th, the Parliamentary Committee on State-Legal Policy opted not to recommend a bill proposing stringent defamation penalties, which included imprisonment and substantial fines.

The committee’s rigorous discussion underscored the need to balance penalising defamation while safeguarding freedom of expression, resulting in the bill's rejection due to concerns over its broad implications.

The proposed bill had faced harsh criticism from the opposition, who argued that it could undermine freedom of expression and democratic participation.

In contrast, other legislative proposals received a more favourable reception. Amendments to enhance the pension system for first-convocation deputies of Parliament were endorsed, suggesting regular payments based on a portion of the current deputies' salaries. This move highlights the government’s dedication to recognising its former legislators’ service.

The committee also positively evaluated the draft law "On Normative Legal Acts of the Republic of Abkhazia," aimed at resolving inconsistencies within the legal framework to promote a unified legal system. This legislation is intended to standardize the application of laws throughout the nation, reinforcing legal integrity.

However, an amendment intended to clarify the Cabinet of Ministers' authority to formulate foundational governance documents did not proceed, as it failed to gain the committee's support. This decision reflects a cautious stance toward changes that might alter the constitutional balance of power.

The session was attended by high-level officials, demonstrating the significant impact these discussions have on shaping the legal landscape of the Republic of Abkhazia. The outcomes of this meeting illustrate the committee’s careful consideration in advancing legal reforms while being mindful of their broader effects on governance and civil liberties.




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