Preserving Life: Saving a Linden Tree in the Village of Lykhny

On the evening of April 5, an unidentified individual damaged a centuries-old linden tree in the historic Lykhnashta meadow with a chainsaw. Residents of Abkhazia once again gathered in the village of Lykhny, where the linden tree, more than two centuries old, was attacked. Law enforcement agencies plan to open a criminal case in response to this incident.

Ecologists have attempted to implement measures to save the tree, with assistance from local residents. Lykhny is one of the largest villages in Abkhazia and has been home to Abkhaz sovereign princes. Notable figures such as Nestor Lakoba and prominent Abkhaz scientists Georgy Dzidzaria and Konstantin Shakryl were born here. Lykhnashta is a historical site where national gatherings were held, and various sports and cultural events continue to take place.

Ecologists believe there is a slim chance of saving the linden tree, but they are taking all necessary measures. They have applied garden wax and antiseptic to the damaged areas, covered the tree's cut with garden pitch, placed fresh bark on top, and filled the hollow in the core with cement.

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Photos by © Thomas Taytsuk

Lykhnashta meadow
The linden tree at the center of the historic glade in the village of Lykhny has stood for almost two centuries.

Linden tree in Lykhny, Abkhazia
On the evening of April 5, an unknown individual used a chainsaw to cut into the tree trunk.

The depth of the damage ranges from 15 to 20 centimeters.

Outraged people have gathered at Lykhnashta for the second day in a row.

Ecologists are attempting to save the linden tree.

To heal the damage, experts applied garden pitch and bark.

The effectiveness of the measures taken will only be known after a couple of months.

Garden pitch was applied to the damaged areas of the tree to protect the trunk from parasites, prevent decomposition, and stop moisture penetration.

Peasants, police officers, and young people assisted the ecologists in their efforts to save the linden tree.

Over the years, a large hollow has formed in the trunk of the linden tree.

The circumference of the linden tree exceeds six meters.

Lykhnashta was visited by the President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhaniya, Vice President Badra Gunba, Prime Minister Alexander Ankvab, Parliament Speaker Lasha Ashuba, Prosecutor General Adgur Agrba, and other government members.

Abkhazia residents have labeled the actions of the person who damaged the linden tree as vandalism and urged the perpetrator to voluntarily surrender to the authorities.



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