The Cwyzhy dialect of Abkhaz, by Bert Vaux and Zihni Pesiypa

The Northwest Caucasian Languages, by Peter Arkadiev & Yury LanderThe Cwyzhy dialect of Abkhaz
Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics 6. 1-15.
Author: Bert Vaux and Zihni Pesiypa. 
Year: 1997
Number of pages: 15
Language: English
In this paper provides an introduction to the previously unstudied dialect of Abhaz, the native language of Mr. Pasiypa.

Bert Vaux | University of Cambridge, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics.

The full chapter in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (492 KB)

See also:  The Phonetics and Phonology of Secondary Articulations in Abkhaz by Bert Vaux, paper presented at the 10th Non-Slavic Languages Conference, Chicago, May 1997




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