Abkhazia and the Caucasian War: 1810-1864, by George Anchabadze

Russian-Caucasian War and Abkhazia

Abkhazia and the Caucasian War: 1810-1864Абхазия и Кавказская война. 1810-1864 (Abkhazia and the Caucasian War: 1810-1864)
Author: George (Gia) Anchabadze
Reviewers: O. V. Maan, Professor of History of Science, S.Sh. Salakaya, Associate Professor of History 
Year: 2021
Place of Publication: Tbilisi
Publisher: Published with the support of COBERM, a joint initiative of the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
Number of pages: 104 
Language: Russian (Summary in English)

The book of historian Professor G.Z. Anchabadze [Ilia State University, School of Arts and Sciences, Professor Emeritus of Historical Sciences], is a manual for the special lecture course “Abkhazia and the Caucasian War,” which the author has been teaching to graduate students of the Faculty of History of Abkhaz State University since 2012. The purpose of the lecture course is an in-depth study of the political history of Abkhazia from 1810 to 1864. This is the period of existence of the autonomous Abkhazian principality as part of the Russian Empire, which coincides with the time of the Caucasian (Russian-Mountaineer) war, one of the most significant socio-political phenomena of the XIX century. The book shows the factor of the Caucasian war in the history of Abkhazia and the main points of participation of the Abkhaz in the Russian-mountain confrontation. The book is addressed to both students and historians, as well as to the wider readers.

The full book in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (9.3 MB)


  • Historical Introduction  
    • About the Caucasian War 
    • Abkhazia on the eve of joining Russia 
  • Establishment of the Russian protectorate and Abkhazian resistance (1810-1830)  
    • The interests of the Russian government in Abkhazia 
    • The capture of the Sukhum fortress and the establishment of the Russian protectorate 
    • The political and administrative structure of the Principality of Abkhazia 
    • Rule of Prince George (Safarbey) (Safarbey) 
    • The rebellion of 1821-1824 
  • Western Caucasus at the crossroads of history (1830-1853)    
    • The beginning of the great war in the North-West Caucasus 
    • "Abkhazian expedition". Approval of the Russian military presence in Western Abkhazia 
    • War in the North-Eastern black sea region 
    • Strengthening of the Russian military presence in Eastern Abkhazia 
    • The situation in Samurzakan Abkhazia 
    • Michael (Hamid Bey) Chachba-Shervashidze 
    • The creation of the black sea coastline and the events in Jigetia
    • Events in Tsebelda 
    • Dzhiget bailiff 
    • Ubykh expedition 
    • Expedition to Psukh 1843 
    • War in the North-East Caucasus 
    • Muridism in Circassia. Magomed Amin 
  • Eastern (Crimean) war. The end of the Caucasian war and the abolition of the Abkhazian Principality (1853-1864)  83
    • Abkhazia during the Eastern War 
    • The end of the Russo-Mountain War 
    • Migration of Caucasian mountaineers to the Ottoman Empire 
    • End of the Abkhazian Principality 
  • Sources and literature 
  • Summary (in English)




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