UNPO Resolution: Lifts Sanctions on Abkhazia, Promotes Repatriation to Circassia

Xth Session of the  UNPO General  Assembly
27-30 May 2010 - Rome,  Italy

Calls on the Georgian authorities to stop the blockade against Abkhazia, lift sanctions, and put a halt to widespread infringements on basic principles of freedom by abolishing restrictive legislation;

Requests all governments especially the Government of Turkey to take measures to provide safe, secure and direct travel of their citizens to Abkhazia; 

Call upon the Russian Federation to officially recognize all Circassians, whether they reside in historical Circassia or as part of the Circassian Diaspora, as the indigenous people of their motherland Circassia, affording them all rights, and accepting all responsibilities to them, as enshrined in the entire 46 Articles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; 

Call upon the Russian Federation to amend current repatriation laws so as to recognize the Circassians as a “special case”, guaranteeing them the absolute and unconditional right of return to their motherland Circassia, the unhindered right of travel to and from historical Circassia, the right to dual citizenship by their choice, and the elimination of immigration quotas, language requirements, residence requirements, or any other hindering conditions, whatsoever, to obtaining permanent residency and citizenship and residency in their historical homeland of Circassia.

Call upon the countries where the Circassian Diaspora lives in (Turkey, Jordan and Syria), to grant the Circassians dual citizenship, and to help the Circassian Diaspora to preserve their culture and to establish close links with their compatriots living in the homeland.

UNPO 10th General Assembly Member Resolutions  (Doc file - 96.5 Kb)
General Resolutions - Xth Session of the  UNPO General  Assembly, 27-30 May 2010




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