The Signature Campaign for Trabzon-Sukhum marine and Istanbul-Sukhum flight transports‏

The Signature Campaign for Trabzon-Sukhum marine and Istanbul-Sukhum flight transports‏

Lift the transportation embargo on Abkhazia!

Presidency of Grand National Assembly, Turkey,

The Office of the Prime Minister, Turkey

The Office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey

The Office of Ministry of Transport and Communication, Turkey.

We, the undersigned; who have family, friendship and business relations with the Republic of Abkhazia; request reopening of Trabzon - Sukhum marine transportation and enabling of Istanbul - Sukhum air transportation in order to facilitate our travel to the country.

As it is known, Trabzon - Sukhum navigations started in 1991 but were interrupted as a result of the Abkhazian-Georgian war “between” 14 August - 30 September 1993. The transportation was resumed immediately after the war finished but again ceased with the embargo in 1995 and is still inactive today.

As it is also known, Russia has lifted its embargo on Abkhazia in 2007. Abkhazia had been a “de-facto” independent country since 1993 and has legally became a “de-jure” independent country since Russia and Nicaragua’s recognitions respectively on 26 August 2008 and 4 September 2008.

Trabzon-Sukhum marine transportation and Istanbul-Sukhum air transportation will not only facilitate our visits to Abkhazia, it will also make a great contribution to Turkey’s relationship with Abkhazia and other North Caucasian states. Abkhazia, which currently consists of only the Russian border gate, wishes to improve its relations with Turkey and to diversify its contacts with the rest of the world. It is beyond doubt that enabling direct transportation between Turkey and Abkhazia is the most effective way to ally both countries economically, politically, socially and culturally.

We believe that the Republic of Turkey will immediately hear our voice, lift the embargo on Abkhazia and provide us with direct transportation opportunities to Abkhazia. We affirm that we will be following up the steps taken toward this end.


In order to sign the text please send your name to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.The Friends of Abkhazia




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