Good harvest: Abkhazia has increased exports of fruits and nuts

Abkhazia Nuts Harvest

SUKHUM --  ‘Exports of tangerines, persimmons, feijoa and walnuts in September and October 2020 were several times higher than in 2019 over the same period,’ the Chairman of the State Customs Committee, Guram Inapshba, said.

According to him, if in September-October 2019, 200 kilograms of persimmon were exported, then this year it’s one ton. As for feijoa, last year 42.9 tons were exported, and in 2020 the figure is 65.9 tons. The indicators for tangerines have also improved; in September-October 2020, 269 tons of these citrus-fruits have already been exported from Abkhazia.

Earlier, the State Customs Committee of Abkhazia noted that the trade turnover in 2020 could exceed last year's indicators due to an increase in the volume of some exported types of goods.

The indicators for the export of hazelnuts have increased. Exports of unshelled nuts in September-October amounted to 387.6 tons, while in the same period in 2019 it was 169 tons.

Inapshba noted that this year's harvest is much better than last year.

The Chairman of the Customs Committee recalled that, when transporting consignments over 50 kilograms across the border, the products must be declared. When transporting large quantities of citrus-fruits, the customs-service collects a duty of 0.1% of the customs value of the goods.




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