First Plogging Race Held in Sukhum, Combining Fitness and Environmental Cleanup

SUKHUM / AQW'A —  The first-ever plogging race in Sukhum took place on June 17. Plogging, a Scandinavian sport that combines running and picking up litter, was introduced to the city by the public organization "Abkhaz Desk" in partnership with the State Committee of the Republic of Abkhazia for Youth and Sports.

Held on the Kelasur beach, the event required participating teams to gather various recyclable materials, such as plastic, paper, glass, and metal, throughout a course lasting for one and a half hours. In total, the event saw the collection of a staggering 607.9 kg of trash, including 12.3 kg of paper, 96 kg of plastic, 206 kg of glass, 243 kg of metal, and 49 kg of general waste.

Teams participating in the race were required to collect various types of recyclable materials, such as plastic, paper, glass, and metal, during the course that lasted for one and a half hours. At the end of the race, the collected waste was weighed, and the organizers determined the winners.

Out of all the participating teams, "Khara HPitsunda" emerged as the winner, collecting 136 kg of waste. Close behind, "Eco Abkhazia" and "Rosie's Team" secured second and third places, gathering 135 kg and 124 kg of waste, respectively.

The organizers thanked all participants for their enthusiasm and contributions, highlighting the significant impact such an event has on both the local environment and raising awareness about environmental issues. 

The organizers of the event expressed their gratitude to all the participants for their enthusiasm and active participation, expressing hope for an even more extensive plogging race in the future.




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