Abkhazia Commemorates the 31st Anniversary of Lata Tragedy

On 14 December 1992, Georgian State Council troops downed a Mi-8 helicopter carrying refugees from Tquarchal town.

On 14 December 1992, Georgian State Council troops downed a Mi-8 helicopter carrying refugees from Tquarchal.

SUKHUM / AQW'A ―  Today, Abkhazia solemnly marks the 31st anniversary of the harrowing Lata tragedy. On 14 December 1992 the troops of the State Council of Georgia shot down the helicopter Mi-8 carrying refugees from Tquarchal town, which was occupied by the Georgian forces. 85 people were killed, including 36 children and 35 women. 8 of the diseased women were pregnant.

In those hard days for the Abkhaz people, Tquarchal was occupied by the Georgian forces and the only way to rescue people from cold, starvation and bombings. On 14 December 1992 the helicopter was returning from Tquarchal to Gudauta and was full of people. After taking off from Tquarchal the helicopter was supposed to cross the Kodor Gorge over the Lata Village and then to fly along the Abkhaz mountain range and the Bzyb gorge all the way to Gudauta. The surface-to-air missile interrupted the flight and took away the lives of the people.

As we reflect on this somber anniversary, our thoughts are with the victims of the Lata tragedy and their loved ones. We remember the lost dreams, the extinguished hopes, and the unfulfilled potential of each life tragically cut short.

May their souls rest in peace, and may their memories inspire us to forge a world where such tragedies are relegated to the annals of history, never to be repeated.

Leaders of the country laid flowers at the monument to the victims of the Lata tragedy in Gudauta.
Leaders of the country laid flowers at the monument to the victims of the Lata tragedy in Gudauta.

In a solemn commemoration at Gudauta, national leaders paid homage to the victims of the Lata tragedy by laying flowers at their monument. The ceremony was graced by the presence of notable dignitaries, including President Aslan Bzhania, Vice President Badra Gunba, Parliament Speaker Lasha Ashuba, along with members of the Parliament and government.

The event also saw participation from war veterans, family members of the victims, schoolchildren, and citizens from various districts across the republic.

List of victims of the Lata tragedy:

Ramaz Georgievich Tsurtsmia (born 1966) with his wife

Elvira Viktorovna Beryusheva-Tsurtsmia (born 1961) and their son

Astamur Ramazovich Tsurtsmia (one month old).

Emma Fironovna Dzhopua-Tsurtsmia (born 9.11.1962) with her sons

Adgur Revazovich Tsurtsmia (five years old) and Adamyr Revazovich Tsurtsmia (four years old).

Valentina Dzhodzhovna Pantsulaia-Pachulia (born 1942) with her daughter-in-law

Fatima Georgievna Lagazashvili-Pachulia (born 1963) and three grandchildren:

Georgiy Vakhtangovich Pachulia (born 1984), Dato Vakhtangovich Pachulia (born 1990), and Lashey Vakhtangovich Pachulia (less than a month old).

Maya Fridonovna Chitanaa-Shakaya (born 1963) with her children

Lashey Revazovich Shakaya (born 1990) and Santa Revazovna Shakaya (born 1988).

Julietta Givievna Akaba-Chitanaa (born 1974) with her five-month-old son

Alkhas Kobovich Chitanaa.

Chichka Khurshitovna Tseyba-Chkadua (born 1927) with her daughters

Alla Georgievna Chkadua (born 1952) and Roza Georgievna Chkadua (born 1957).

Shazina Fedorovna Sanguilia-Zantaria (born 1968) with her sons

Rushni Daurievich Zantaria (Gerhelia) (four years old) and Daut Daurievich Zantaria (Gerhelia) (six years old).

Aida Anatolyevna Shinkuba-Gindia (born 1970) with her two children

Elana Temirovna Gindia (one year old) and Kristina Temirovna Gindia (two years old).

Marina Yuryevna Zarandia-Abshilava (born 1966) with her two sons

Adgur Dzhamalovich Abshilava (seven years old) and Denis Dzhamalovich Abshilava (five years old).

Valeryan Astamurovich Kogonia (born 1960) with his wife Aida Zaurievna Abshilava-Kogonia (born 1973) and their five-month-old daughter Elana Valeryanovna Kogonia.

Tina Daurievna Dzhobava-Kvitsinia (born 1950) with her two children Astamur Dmitrievich Kvitsinia (eight years old) and Tamara Dmitrievna Kvitsinia (five years old).

Marina Kyamsovna Nanba-Amichba (born 1946) with her seventeen-year-old daughter Gunda Vanievna Amichba and fifteen-year-old son Beslan Vanievich Amichba.

Svetlana Gabovna Gamisonia-Narmania (born 1950) with her daughter-in-law Tatyana Vladimirovna Shcherbakova-Gamisonia (born 1971) and her two-year-old granddaughter Adelina Gennadyevna Gamisonia. Also killed was sixteen-year-old Irina Ivanovna Vederkina, a guest in the Gamisonia family.

Mramza (Vitaly) Alexeyevich Kutelia-Asabua (born 1963) with her children Kristina Adgurovna Asabua (eleven years old) and Stanislav Adgurovich Asabua (five years old).

Nugzar Alexeyevich Kvachakhia (born 1960) with his wife Liana Khutovna Kiut-Kvachakhia (born 1960) and their one-year-old daughter Hanifa Nugzarovna Kvachakhia.

Leyla Varlamovna Chachkhaliya-Kamkiya (born 1958) with her daughters

Eka Nodarovna Kamkiya (twelve years old) and Kristina Nodarovna Kamkiya (ten years old), and nephews Leyla Givievna Chachkhaliya (twelve years old) and
Georgiy Givievich Chachkhaliya (eight years old).

Alla Chutievna Bargandzhia-Adleyba (born 1952) with her son Albert Sergeevich Adleyba (born 1975).

Nonna Shotovna Gogua-Kuartaa (born 1964) with her five-year-old son Daur Nodarovitch Kuartaa.

Natella Samsonovna Kobakhia-Khashba (born 1947) with her one-year-old daughter Tsarpitsa Irodovna Khashba.

Aslan Ivanovich Zantaria (born 1962) with his pregnant wife Natalia Sazonova-Zantaria (born 1961).

Seventeen-year-old Hibla Eduardovna Nanba and Fifteen-year-old Inessa Eduardovna Nanba, accompanied by their mother's sister

Madonna Kybeevna Sanguilia (born 1964).

Vladimir Vladimirovich Antsupov (born 1947).

Felix Bekaldiev (born 1950) – a volunteer from Kabardino-Balkaria.

Ruslan Bilyalovich Shaov (born 1968) – a volunteer from Kabardino-Balkaria.

Ruslan Khukhutovich Gergia (born 1957).

Batal (Vitaly) Alexeyevich Aslandzia (born 1966).

Zhanna Nurievna Gvindzhia (born 1963).

Murman Valeryevich Kogonia (born 1965).

Adgur Zhorgevich Kakalia (born 1972).

Dmitry Matveyevich Gunba (born 1942).

Alexey Tevazovich Kvitsinia (born 1938).

Avtandil Chichikovich Thaietsuk (born 1972).

Snezhana Vyacheslavovna Gvaramia-Papaskir (born 1974, pregnant).

Lyubitsa Laguovna Kadjaya-Adjindzhal (born 1942).

Lia Teimurazovna Dzimistarishvili (born 1978).

Harry Elikovich Chkadua (born 1972).

Regina Ivanovna Chkadua (born 1976).

Emir Rodikovich Dzhopua (born 1976).

Susanna Shamilievna Emruchba (born 1964).

Sergey (surname and age unknown).

Sergey Petrovich Yevdokimov (born 1966) – MI-8 helicopter commander from Samara.

Sergey Nikolaevich Ilyukhin (born 1968) – MI-8 flight technician from Nizhnekamsk.

Valery Gennadievich Maskin (born 1969) – MI-8 helicopter navigator from Samara.




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