Over 600 Animals Sterilised in Free Campaign in Gagra

SUKHUM / AQW'A ― Over 600 animals were sterilised in Gagra as part of a free sterilisation campaign, supported by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and the German Animal Welfare Association. 

he initiative took place from April 10 to 13 in Tsandrypsh and from April 14 to 20 in Gagra, according to Saida Otyrba, director of the "Bagira" animal protection fund and the "Topa" dog shelter.

 Free Animal Sterilisation Campaign Conducted in Abkhazia

Otyrba reported that the campaign successfully sterilised 338 dogs and 264 cats, totalling 602 animals. "Our mission is accomplished. Both volunteers and pet owners actively participated," she stated. Animals from multiple locations were brought in for the procedures, including 17 dogs from Gal, about 60 from Sukhum, 40 from Gudauta, and 36 from New Athos, with the remaining animals hailing from the localities of Tsandrypsh, Gagra, and Pitsunda. While some were strays, most had owners.

Otyrba highlighted the productivity of the project but acknowledged its challenges. She expressed hope that such initiatives would be organised again in Abkhazia to continue addressing animal welfare needs.




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