Absence of Will‏: A Documentary by Mamuka Kuparadze


Documentary by Mamuka Kuparadze - 2009

Conciliation Resources, Heinrich Boell Foundation and Studio Re

Vakho  and  Teo  are  twenty-something  university  graduates  from  the  Georgian  capital, Tbilisi.  Born as the Soviet Union collapsed, they've grown up in the shadow of the wars that tore their country apart in the early nineteen nineties. They're too young to remember the fighting, but like everyone from their generation, their lives have been shaped by the legacy of the violence.
In  the summer of 2008 Vakho and Teo set out  to  try  to understand for  themselves what caused the war in Abkhazia, and why after fifteen years of peace talks the sides are still no  nearer  to  resolving  their  differences.  Halfway  through  filming,  fighting  broke  out again over South Ossetia. For a few brief days in August, war suddenly became a reality for  Vakho  and  Teo,  and  as  they  experienced  its  horrors  first  hand,  their  search  for answers became more personal and more urgent.
This  is  the  story of  their  journey  into Georgia's  recent past,  and of  the  tough questions and painful truths they faced in their search for the way to a better future.

Source: Heinrich Boell Foundation 

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