Adyghe Khase Republic of Abkhazia: We are concerned about the situation in Kabardino-Balkaria.

The NGO Adyghe Khase Republic of Abkhazia (AKhRA) represents the views of all Circassians (Adyghea) living on the territory of Abkhazia. The organization expresses its concern over the situation in Kabardino-Balkaria. On April 4 2009 the Adyghe Khase delegation from Abkhazia arrived in Nalchik for the Adyghe public forum, chaired by Deputy Chairman Aslan Beshtoev, but, most shamefully, it was not allowed in the hall. A police cordon also prevented other delegations who came from neighbouring republics from entering.

The head of AKhRA, Anzor Goov, expressed extreme dissatisfaction with this situation and made the following statement:

«We, Adyghes (Circassians) from the Republic of Abkhazia, are citizens of the Russian Federation, and we are concerned about what is happening in Kabardino-Balkaria just as much as those living in the Republic of Adyghea. We are extremely angered by the inaction of the Adyghe Khase of Kabardino-Balkaria, which has actually betrayed the interests of the Adyghe people whom it should be representing. Acting at the behest of power structures and the «elite», the Adyghe Khase of Kabardino-Balkaria under its current leadership has finally discredited itself in the eyes of the public and by its own lack of principle facilitates the plundering of public lands. The same applies to the other «national» entities that do not have the support of the people and exploit the national map exclusively for personal gain. Some people earn bonuses before the authorities, some strive to find a place in parliament and government-service, whilst others earn a living from well-known structures.

«We all remember those ‘pseudo-patriots’, former leaders of national movements who, exactly as now, betrayed the interests of the people in the early 90's.

«We believe that the Adyghe community has no problems with its neighbours; they have problems with the land. We call on all healthy forces not to succumb to provocateurs who want to inflame inter-ethnic conflict. Exercising wisdom and restraint, everyone should analyze the situation and clearly decide for themselves who benefits under the stamp of extremism from bringing peoples into conflict, from organising the persecution of activists and from adding fuel to the fire. We are confident that there are patriots in Kabardino-Balkaria who will not betray the interests of its people for personal gain.»

AKhRA supports the creation of a new social movement «Khase» for Kabardino-Balkaria and declares its willingness to participate in this movement and its readiness to help stabilize the situation and establish justice in the republic.

Anzor Goov - President AKhRA
Aslan Beshtoev - Vice-President of AKhRA




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