Chicago Daily Tribune, 1937: 'Russia Executes 10 For Plotting Stalin Murder'

Russia Executes 10 For Plotting Stalin Murder

Chicago Daily Tribune Nov 10, 1937
Seventeen men, including ten terrorists convicted of plotting an attempt to assassinate Josef Stalin, general secretary of the communist party, were reported executed today.

A Tiflis newspaper reported those shot for the assassination plots were accused of taking orders fom an alleged Trotzkyist center in Moscow. It said they confessed several unsuccessful attemps to kill Stalin in 1933 and 1935. Two of those executed were brothers of the late Nestor Lakoba, a former president of the Abkhazian republic. One of them, Mikhail Lakoba, once served as a bodyguard of Leon Trotzky before his exile.

Others reported shot included four convicted of grain spoiling in Tadjikistan, another in Turkmenistan, and two convicted of raiding collective farms in Uzbekistan.

The original text in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (22 KB)

Aim to kill Stalin laid to Georgians;
Two Attempts to Assassinate Dictator Described in Trial of 13 for Treason

The New York Times. November 04, 1937
Another big treason case in which forty-seven persons accused of varying counterrevolutionary crimes, including two vain attempts to assassinate Joseph Stalin, is under way in Sukhum, in Stalin's own native Georgia.

The full text in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (143 KB)

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